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International students competed in a trivia tournament

The organizers of a trivia tournament at Ternopil State Medical University wanted to offer the way the overseas students an interesting and meaningful way to spend extracurricular time. After the competition, the organizing committee consisting of Zoriana Lukashuk, Taisiia Bilonozhko, Yana Bondarchuk, and Yulia Bandrivskaya received lots of positive feedback. The students really enjoyed solving puzzles and answering questions on different topics, and requested for another such competition to take place soon.

Three teams participated in this round. The first one, GangLand, included Arshbeer Sandhu (captain), Nashir Awadiya, Shivam Patel, Kuldeep Dave, Zuzanna Betkowiak,  and Anjali Melekar .

Juliet Kusi-Boateng created a team of students from Ghana. Joining her were Christian Fosu Acquah, Daniel Odei, Memuna Sulley, Samuel Asare-Boahen,  and Eugene Ameyow.

The third team, Alpha, lead by Ibanga Joshua Destiny developed a unique gaming strategy.  Its members tried not to discuss their theories aloud; instead, they quickly wrote down their ideas and made a collective decision. This teamwork, quick reaction and excellent coordination have proven to be a winning approach, leading Adeniyi Adetomiwa, Jessica Orakpor, Akinlade Omobayo Abdulsalam, Orish Fortune Chiemeli and Ikeji Victor Ifeanyi of team Alpha to victory.

The team from Ghana took the second place, as determined by the number of correct answers, and GangLand took the third.

TSMU Student Sophia Gaschak served as facilitator of the game.

Assistant Deans of the International Students’ Faculty Alina Volska and Yurii Petrashyk came to support the students.

The organizing committee of the competition would like to thank the coordinator of volunteer work in the University, Associate Professor Ivanna Krenychna, and Director of TSMU Library Olena Protsiv for their help in organizing the event. The students also express their thanks to the dean’s office of the International Students’ Faculty for their assistance in assembling and training the teams.

The spectators of the game also got involved in searching the correct answer. However, even in the midst of competitive excitement, they adhered to the rules of the event.

The organizing committee now plans to set up a competition between the winning student team and a team of professors.