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TSMU dentists took part in a conference in Samarkand, Republic of Uzbekistan

Ternopil State Medical University delegation took part in international conference Current Issues of Dentistry. Head of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, Petro Hasyuk, and associate professor of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry Andrii Demkovych, on November 17-18, 2017 visited Samarkand State Medical Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan to present their research at this scientific forum.

The visit began with an official meeting of the delegation with rector of the Institute, Professor AM Shamsiev, Vice-rector for academic work BA Yuldashov and Vice-rector for research SH Yusupov. Since our institutions signed a cooperation agreement, they have developed a mutually beneficial and productive partnership, which includes reciprocal visits of their delegations.

Official part of the conference commenced with an address from the rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute professor AM Shamsiev, who emphasized the importance of sharing experience, networking with conference participants from other countries, and discussing the crucial issues of clinical and experimental dentistry. He congratulated the participants of the forum and wished them fruitful work.

On the plenary meeting, PA Hasyuk presented his research New Approach to Changes in Hard Tissue of the Teeth Under Various Types of Odontopreparations under Metalloceramic Structures from the Standpoint of Morphology. He addressed the issues of theoretical substantiation of the methods of teeth preparation for non-removable metal-ceramic structures.


On the section meeting “Orthopedic and therapeutic dentistry” AY Demkovich presented report Changes of Humoral Immune Defense in Experimental Bacterial-Immune Periodontitis, in which he described changes in the humoral chain of immune system in the process of bacterial-immune periodontitis and the over the course of its experimental modelling.

On November 18, at Samarkand Regional Dental Clinic TSMU delegation gave lectures and practical training to the 5th year students of the Faculty of Dentistry within the framework of the program of international academic mobility. Our scholars introduced new fundamental mechanisms for the treatment of tooth tissue and periodontal disease using innovative methods and recent developments in modern dentistry. They have received good feedback from the students, who noted that it was a useful event; they received interesting and important information, and had the opportunity to master a number of practical skills.

TSMU delegation also met with chief doctors of Republic of Uzbekistan regional dental clinics, where they discusses implementation of approaches to the treatment of diseases of teeth and periodontal disease by innovative methods as well as setting up priority directions of development in modern dentistry.