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Young scientists conference at TSMU

The teachers and the students of Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University know for sure that one always has to try to work to the full! Therefore young people attempt to expand their knowledge in every class and the faculty share the latest and most interesting information.

Recently there has been a student conference on the topic “New discoveries in medicine” among the sophomores of the International Students’ Faculty and the Faculty of medicine who are studying in English. Having analyzed a number of modern advances in medicine, the participants of the event have shared their findings on the subject with each other. For instance, Asamani Zachariah and Mtaba Heather Miriam presented the project on “Reprogramming of mature cells into pluripotent stem cells”. “Cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain” became Yana Hruntenko’s main research interest. Julia Valihura presented interesting information about “Novel therapy against malaria” which sparked a discussion among the students. Andrii Shevchuk’s theme of study was “Understanding the mechanisms of autophagy“.

Assistant professor Andrii Dovbush presented the material about HIV transmission and prevention. It was notable to hear this information on the eve of December 1 – AIDS Day. And awareness itself is a key way to stay safe from this disease. It was new for us to understand the cellular mechanisms of getting infected and interesting at the same time to hear about the first man who was successfully treated by transplantation of lymphocytes of another person who has immunity against HIV.

Within the walls of our university we always strive to equal the first and the best. We believe that the best results can inspire us to achieve our own success. It is really important as any achievement in medicine is not a personal one. The discovery of each doctor is the achievement and progress of all humanity.

To sum up, we want to emphasize that today’s students of medical universities are the ones who will save tomorrow the most valuable – human life. Therefore, we have no moral right either to learn or teach badly!

Good luck, friends!

Olena Smachylo, the sophomore of Group 47 of the medical faculty