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A TSMU student from Nigeria has prepared a third book for publication

A student life involves not only studying, but also self-development, work on research and social projects, and travel. Students find friends for life, and make the first successful steps as leaders, highly skilled specialists, public figures, etc.

A sixth year student of Ternopil State Medical University from Nigeria Egbuchulam Uchenna is about to complete his studies. Two years ago, he headed the Association of Nigerian Students, subsequently handing over the baton to Donald Oriaifo, who had graduated from our university last year. Both men became leaders of their teams, and implemented a number of interesting projects. In addition, Uchenna has also developed as a writer. During his studies, he had written four books, two of which have already been published. Today, the student is preparing his third publication, and on the eve of graduation he intends to publish the fourth book.

In everything he tries to be like his father, who had taught him humanitarian values, always helping others and working on self improvement every day. Uchenna  spoke about what prompted him to write a book and what he has included in it.

– When did you start writing for the first time?

-I first attempted to write short stories at the age of 11, but then I did not think I had a talent for writing. I discovered the real passion for writing books when I came to study in Ternopil. I began to share my thoughts on my Facebook page. In 2015, I realized that I could write something larger. Now I have four completed books. Two of them have already been published. I try to write every day for 4 hours. Honestly, I enjoy the fact that I can express my thoughts. Many students spend their time studying, having fun, relaxing. I believe that the student’s life is also time for developing as a person. It is very important to understand why is one getting medical education, how can one help. As a student, I became a writer as well as a leader in the Nigerian Student Association, and a leader in the Christian community. One day, I decided to share my experience and my vision with others.

– When did you publish  your first book and what was its topic?

– This is a book about what is important in human life, how not to lose sight of what’s important when you are on the road to realizing dreams. How to hold on to these values if you’ve achieved something or missing someone. This is my real experience, which is based on errors and decisions. The first book was published in 2014.

– Please say a few words about the second book.

– The second book deals with more creativity and talent development. A painter invests his imagination, fantasy in his drawing. Similarly, composer and poet invest their talent in creating a song. In this book, I tried to convey to the readers that everyone is naturally creative and has many talents that need to be developed. And our task is also to use our talents to multiply the good in the world, to improve the mankind. In general, our talents are not just there to receive fame, popularity. Personally, I see my talent as an instrument for teaching people, communicating important things to them, and serving the community. For example, an accomplished doctor can write a book about his or her own experiences, mistakes and achievements so that others can improve, and students or young doctors get some guidance.

The previous two books were published by a British publishing house in English. The third book is to be published in Ukrainian and English, and several copies are to be sent to TSMU library.

– Have you received feedback on your books and what was it?

– Yes, I got feedback from people who read the books. Most of them thanked me for compelling them to think about their life and purpose in this world. I want to tell a little about the third book. It is about the reward I received in my life, about Ternopil and its significance in my destiny. But the main thing is to not stop and constantly evolve. Becoming a doctor and getting the salary you dreamed about is not a sign of success. Success is constant development, constant movement, constant learning, constant search for something new. Each time one reaches a certain level of development, one must also be able to see other horizons, set a new goals and go for them. It is necessary to remember the main purpose in life and profession.

– Since you have mentioned Ternopil, what place does it take in your life?

– It is a very calm, peaceful and beautiful city. I like it because there are not as many people as in big cities. As a rule, everyone is friendly, and teachers are ready to support and help.

– What did you learn in Ukraine besides the main profession?

– First of all, I was able to realize myself here as a leader, learn to work together with others to accomplish tasks. I will always remember the 2014 revolution, when people gathered in the center to support each other, to help. This happened in other cities. Ukrainians were able to bring about changes. Honestly, people in my country are afraid to do something like that. They are accustomed to complaining about bad powers and society, but no one takes any active action. People see problems, but do nothing to solve them. Ukraine is different. People try to change the situation, solve problems. This experience is very valuable. I became tough, I understood many important things, got life experience that will further help me in my profession and my development.