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TSMU choir and Art-drama theatrical studio presented a new program of carols

It is hard to imagine Christmas holidays at Ternopil State Medical University without sounds of carols from TSMU choir. Each year, the creative team of teachers and students prepares a new program to bring everyone the joyful news of the birth of Christ. The choristers and members of the theater studio Art-drama began their rounds on January 16, 2018. They visited each TSMU building, Ternopil regional state administration, medical institutions of the city and hospice.

TSMU rector, Professor Mykhaylo Korda noted that the choir has become a signature of the university and its carols are eagerly awaited in various institutions of the city and region. He emphasized that today it is very important to promote Ukrainian culture and its music heritage. “There is a saying that the future belongs to the people who nurture their language and culture. Today you are committed to these important tasks. For my part, I guarantee all kinds of support, so that the choir and theater studio have all they need for development and achievement of their creative ideas and plans “, – added Dr. Korda.

The choir and theater studio Art-drama also received words of acknowledgement from the leader of TSMU trade union committee Petro Lykhatskyi, who wished them peaceful and happy holidays.

Ternopil State Medical University not only trains highly qualified medical specialists, it also nurtures true patriots of Ukraine, people with kind heart and charitable outlook, always ready to help those in need of care and assistance. TSMU choristers were particularly moved performing on January 18 in Ternopil Regional Hospice. Preforming there songs, teachers and students  had a special feeling.

Head of the institution Andrii Palamarchuk expressed his sincere gratitude to the members of the university. He emphasized that both staff and patients love such visits. The patients get the unforgettable moments of joy, and employees – inspiration to continue their difficult mission.

On the eve of the Epiphany, the choristers and actors of TSMU also visited Ternopil Regional State Administration, bringing with them festive spirit.

“It is nice to see that teachers and doctors-in-training not only work towards to advance the medical field, but also support our traditions. You have made our day, and brought holiday cheer that will stay with us for weeks. I wish you peace, prosperity, well-being and all the good things, “said the head of Ternopil Regional State Administration Stepan Barna.

The second year intern and the artistic director of TSMU choir Taras Bidovanets noted that in the three years of caroling the group has developed a distinct repertoire. “For instance teachers and students constantly ask to include in the program ‘God was born in the sleigh’ and ‘Shchedryk’. These are the favorite carols everyone is waiting to hear. This year we have two new songs, ‘The Blessed Virgin’, and ‘Greetings’. When choosing new compositions, we select the ones everyone likes. First, all members of the choir listen to the song and express their opinions. For the most part, we make all decisions as a team”, added Taras.

Third-year student Yelyzaveta Baran told that today the choir has 35 people. Last September it had greeted many new participants, especially first and second year students. “There is still a need for men’s voices, especially tenors. We would really like for the male part of our choir to grow. As for the plans, we are going to perform at the Festival of Carols next week in the Berezil Performing Arts Center, – added Yelyzaveta.

Sixth year student of the Faculty of Medicine Tetiana Klopotiuk is a member of the Art-drama studio. This is not the first time she performs the role of Death in the traditional mystery play. She is not scared to the role, because performing with the studio allows her to realize her creative talent in different ways.

“I am a part of the theatrical group from its first day. Another sixth year student and pioneer of the Art-drama is Yurii Petryshyn. We really like to express our acting abilities. First time we presented the traditional nativity play at the University two years ago. Today, our leader is the actress of the drama theater Khrystyna Humeniuk, who prepares wonderful productions and guides us in the right direction. This year we prepared a Christmas program together with the choir, and it receives good reviews from all our friends and relatives. Khrystyna Humeniuk wrote the script of the play. She wanted to reflect the essence of the folk mystery performance, and leave enough time for the carols, ” shared her impressions Tetiana Klopotiuk.

After the caroling season, the choristers will begin to prepare a program dedicated to Taras Shevchenko anniversary, and the members of Art-drama studio will start production on a new play.

It has become a good tradition that the funds our creative team raises for caroling they send to charity. Last year they purchased the necessary supplies, equipment, and medicines for the needs of Ternopil Regional Hospice and the Hematology Department of Ternopil City Children’s Hospital.

This year, all funds raised will also be used for charitable purposes. Taras Bidovanets noted that members of the choir and theater studio are studying the needs and requests of medical institutions and will direct the funds to where they are needed the most.

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