TSMU took second place in the ranking of transparency and efficiency of anti-corruption policy

Public organization Regional Center for European Integration Projects has recently published on its website a 2017 ranking of Ukrainian universities according to its Anti-corruption Policy Transparency Index. Expert team of this organization has worked on the ranking for 9 months.

Ternopil State Medical University placed second among the 202 universities that participated in the study. TSMU transparency level is 70.69%, with the point total of 20.50 out of the maximum of 29.

The NGO Regional Center for European Integration Projects has launched a monitoring campaign in 2017. It is aimed at assessing the level of transparency and effectiveness of anti-corruption policies in Ukrainian universities. The methodology involves verification of compliance of the schools with national legislation on corruption prevention, as well as introduction of internal anti-corruption mechanisms.

The study included 202 Ukrainian universities listed in the national Top 200 ranking of 2016.

It should be noted that the sufficiently large sample of Ukrainian universities included in the study makes it possible to assess not only the perception of the problem of corruption by university administration, but also their experience in preventing and counteracting its manifestations.