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Prospective students visited Ternopil State Medical University on Open Doors Day

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, TSMU held an open doors day. Prospective students, upperclassmen of secondary schools and medical colleges and their parents gathered in the assembly hall of the university to learn more about their future field of studies.

Vice-rector on research and academic work Professor Arkadii Shulhai greeted the guests as introduced Ternopil State Medical University as an influential school and leader among the medical universities of Ukraine. TSMU offers professional education through the Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Dental faculties, the Institutes of Nursing and  Postgraduate Education. The students work towards degrees ranging from BS all the way to postgraduate education.

“TSMU consistently ranks among the top medical schools. Our university is also the only medical school in Ukraine participating in the project promoting academic integrity. Our assessment and training systems fully meet international standards,”- said Dr. Shulhai.

“Our university has partnerships with over 50 leading universities in Europe and America, where our students have the opportunity to do a semester-long training under the academic mobility program. Ternopil State Medical University has a strong clinical structure and uses the latest technologies for teaching. As a result, our students take top positions in national subject competitions, are engaged in research, take part in international student scientific conferences. The students also have wonderful opportunities for leisure activities and cultural development, be it going on retreats in the university recreation complex Chervona Kalyna, taking part in amateur performing arts groups, or utilizing our modern sports complex.”

Executive secretary of the admissions committee, associate professor Grigorii Zagrychuk presented information about the current TSMU admissions rules, the timing and procedure for submitting one’s documents.

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, associate professor Ihor Drach introduced the Faculty and its study programs.

Faculty of Medicine is not only the largest but also the oldest academic unit of our university, and recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Today, it enrolls 2617 students and employs 410 professors, 378 of whom hold advanced degrees.

The Faculty has 37 departments, including 18 clinical. The theoretical departments are organized into four major academic and research institutes: the Institute of Morphology, Institute of Medical and Biological Problems, Institute of Pharmacology, Hygiene and Medical Biochemistry, and Institute for the Modeling and Analysis of Pathological Processes. Clinical departments are located in medical institutions of the city, including three city hospitals, Neurology, Children’s and, of course, the University hospital.

Associate professor Dmitro Korobko talked about the Faculty of Pharmacy, its history and achievements.

“Our graduates work in pharmacies and research institutions. The Faculty consists of 5 departments: the Department of General Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department of Pharmacognosy with Medical Botany, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Department of Economics and Pharmacy Management. There are 49 professors, most of them with advanced degrees in pharmaceutical sciences. This is very important, because only a pharmacist can truly understand the specificity of pharmacy,” – said Dr. Korobko.  “One of the main indicators of students’ academic achievement is the results of state licensing exam Krok. Using this metric, TSMU Faculty of Pharmacy is in the top position among other medical universities of Ukraine.”

Associate professor Svitlana Boitsaniuk spoke about training at the Faculty of Dentistry and its specialized departments.

“The Faculty of Dentistry was founded in September 2004. In 14 years of intensive work, we have created both outstanding learning environment and a team of experts and scholars. There are four departments within the Faculty of Dentistry: Dentistry, Orthopedic Dentistry, Dental Surgery and Pediatric Dentistry. The pride of the Faculty is a phantom class, where students master practical skills. Fifth year students, supervised by their teachers, see patients and provide free dental care to disadvantaged residents. The Department of Orthopedic Dentistry operates a modern dental laboratory, where students learn all the stages of dental structures manufacturing. In addition to training and clinical work, students are engaged in research and take an active part in university-wide charitable initiatives”, said Dr. Boitsaniuk.

Deputy director of the Institute of Nursing, associate professor Svitlana Danchak spoke TSMU Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs in Nursing.

“Our graduates work both in Ukraine and abroad, successfully building their professional careers. The Institute offers two forms of education: full-time and distance learning. To master theoretical knowledge and practical skills our students use up-to-date training methods as well as manikins and simulators, ” – said Dr. Danchak.

The meeting ended with a Q and A session with TSMU administration and faculty representatives.

After the meeting, the guests had the opportunity to talk to current TSMU students, work with microscopes, see the modern training manikins and dummies, and take a tour of the anatomical museum.