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TSMU students visited hematology patients of Ternopil City Children’s Hospital

On the occasion of the International Childhood Cancer Day, a group of student-volunteers of Ternopil State Medical University Mariana Posun, Natalia Terletska, Daryna Scherbyna, Liubomyr Danyliuk, Roman Yaroslavytskyi, Khrystyna Surman, Olha Pastushyna, Iryna Zubok, Oksana Pobiushka, Pavel Levchuk, Iryna Demakh , and Yarina Tilchak, surprised the patients of the hematology unit of Ternopil City Children’s Hospital.

“We prepared everything in advance. First, we had made and placed collection boxes in different buildings of our university. Also, we distributed the boxes among students. We talked to TCCH Head of Hematology Unit, who told us about the needs of children suffering from cancer. When we have tallied the money raised, there was 10,886 hryvnas. Our efforts were not in vain, and we are very grateful that TSMU students and staff have responded to our appeal. This allowed us to order what was needed and also to purchase small gifts for the children. The fact is that the patients spend a long time there getting treated, so both new toys and faces are necessary to cheer them up”, – shared her thoughts Mariana Pozun.

As a result of the teem work, students were able to purchase two nebulizers, a tonometer, as well as medicines and paper towels, detergents, liquid soap and washing powder for the parents to use in the laundry on site.

In addition, the students brought puzzle games, notepads, pens, balls and sweets for the kids. “When we visited each room with presents and balloons, we saw joyful bewilderment in the eyes of the children. We were pleased to divert them. The children were happy, they smiled, and the smallest ones waved their hands in farewell. Meeting the little patients left a lasting impression, especially after all the work and anticipation. We hope to come return again to share more positive emotions, ” – added Mariana Pozun.