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TSMU students study leadership skills

A volunteer educational program “Grow in leadership together” for Ternopil State Medical University international students launched on March 10, 2018. The leadership training course was initiated by the John Maxwell Leadership Academy and the Club Ukrainian-Indian Friendship Sanskrit.

Ihor Reveha, founder of the Leadership Academy, is convinced that growth is the only guarantee for better tomorrow. Mr. Reveha trained at John Maxwell Academy and has the knowledge and experience that can help anyone who wants to work on their development and become a leader. Ihor Reveha has also founded the School of Mental Math, which for several years has been successfully working in Ternopil.

“Thank you to all who came here today. It is always great to see people who are enthusiastic about growing and becoming a better person! All successes and failures can be attributed to leadership Can good leadership change our country? I think so. Meetings like this one and the open communication allow us learn and share the experience of the value of leadership for purposeful and meaningful life. I discovered that when a critical mass of people realize these values ​​and principles, this leads to a transformation in their lives and in society. These trainings cover seven areas such as business, government, family, art, media, education, entertainment and religion. I personally would be happy if our efforts today became an impetus of transformations in our country, and our children got a better Ukraine. This very idea inspires me. It is very important for all people to find meaning to their lives “, – shared Ihor Reveha.

As for the reason for teaching international students, Mr. Reveha knows well how to adapt to another country and succeed. He had been studying at US schools for eight years. He shared this experience of adaptation with the participants of leadership school.

The “Grow in leadership together ” project will feature eight meetings. The participants will learn 15 laws of growth, which will help to develop a leadership style. In particular, Mr. Reveha together with TSMU students will analyze the importance of personal development to becoming a leader. Participants will be able to understand better that motivation is the first step for development, but discipline is required for continuous progress. This and much more will be covered in the next meetings, which will take place for the next eight weeks on Saturdays at 14.00 in Atrium Shopping Center (4th floor). The language of instruction is English.

All anyone interested in participating in the project needs to do is fill out the registration form below and come to the meeting.