Ternopil State Medical University students organized outreach events on the occasion World Tuberculosis Day

To build public awareness onthe World TB Day, a group of TSMU students organized a series of actions informing about the disease, its timely prevention and treatment.

Students Yulia Valihura, Anastasia Boiko, Tetiana Karpiak, Iryna Demakh (Faculty of Medicine) and Oleksandr Napkhaniuk (Faculty of Dentistry) on March 23, 2018 taught several classes for the 6th-11th form pupils of Ternopil Medical Lyceum №15.

Instead of giving boring lectures, the doctors-in-training used games, brainstorming sessions, quizzes, and crossword puzzles to give important information on what is tuberculosis, what are its clinical manifestations, what dangers it poses to the public health, and the way to prevent the disease. The schoolchildren have enjoyed this new class format.

In the Classical Gymnasium, TSMU students gave seminars with support of the charitable organization 100% Life. The organization and its head NM Mishtal are involved with social support for TB patients and HIV-positive people. For the seminars the organization offered prizes for the best drawing competition on the topic of tuberculosis. TSMU students also received support from Shahzad Najam, Director of the WELTEK International Company. He provided the small gifts given to the pupils that were most active during the seminars, and gave correct answers to questions.


On March 24, 2018, another group of TSMU students organized an educational campaign in the Ornava shopping complex. Uliana Saturska, Roman Yaroslavitskyi, Natalia Terletska, Ostap Saturskyi, Kateryna Bihuniak, Oleksandr Kupets, Daniel Aganren and Adeniyi Adetomiwa gave surveys, distributed information leaflets, talked about risk factors, tuberculosis prevention, and screening methods for children and adults. The students enjoyed the positive interaction with people, bringing useful information, while also gaining new experience and knowledge.