Members of the volunteer group Misericordia continue their charitable work

Easter is one of the most beloved Ukrainian holidays. It symbolizes the victory of spring heat over winter cold, life over death, good over evil, and love of hatred. Yet, many people struggle to afford putting all traditional Easter dishes on the table and for some even the Easter bread and dyed eggs might be a luxury.

Members of the volunteer group Misericordia and studio of regional studies Terpoliany joined the university-wide charitable drive Let’s Make the Life of Children Happier. They visited Ternopil Educational and Rehabilitation Center for children with mobility impairments on 6 Brativ Boichukiv, and the Educational Complex №28.

Students got together to bake Easter bread and brought over 150 Easter gifts to the kids.

During the visit, 1st year student of the Faculty of Medicine Yaroslava Kutsyna recited her own poem for the pupils of the Educational and Rehabilitation Center.

For many years now, TSMU students have been helping an alumnus of the Educational and Rehabilitation Center Ihor Baranyshyn. This time as well the volunteers brought him an Easter basket and 7 thousand hryvnas the have collected for Ihor’s ongoing rehabilitation.

The most active students participating in these charity events were Solomiia Nevidoma, Sofiia Nevidoma, Bohdan Pytlyk, Olha Rivna (Faculty of Pharmacy); Svitlana Veremchuk, Eleonora Polischuk, Khrystyna Pelyp, Alina Oliferuk, Zoriana Bryndz, Yaroslava Kutsyna, Rostyslav Stetsyk, Viktoriia Yavorska, Mykhailo Havryliuk (Faculty of Medicine); Oksana Pelyp, Bozhena Oblizhok (Faculty of Dentistry); Swarnakar Pushpak, Moulick Sritama, and Marzec Kamil (International Student’s Faculty).