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Faculty of TSMU Department of Children’s Diseases and Pediatric Surgery took part in the events of the World PI Week

Every year on April 22-29, the World PI Week is observed to bring together patients, parents, doctors, junior medical staff, politicians and health organizers in promoting awareness of primary immunodeficiency diseases. This was the fourth year Ukraine joined events of the Week.

On April 26-27, 2018 an international research symposium Diagnosis and Treatment of Hematologic Pathology in Children with Primary Immunodeficiencies took place in Kyiv. This was 14th forum within the framework of the Central-Eastern European Scientific-Educational Program J-Project, aimed at improving medical support of the patients with primary immunodeficiencies. Scientists from Italy, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine discussed the issues at the junction of immunology and hematology.

Ternopil State Medical University at the meeting was represented by the head of the Department of Pediatric Diseases andPediatric Surgery, professor Oksana Boyarchuk, associate professor Liubov Volianska and assistant professor Tetiana Harian. Professor Boyarchuk gave a presentation Ataxia-telangiection: Oncohematological Manifestations.

Simone Cesaro (Verona, Italy) gives presentation

For two days, the leading Ukrainian and foreign experts in the field of immunology, hematology and transplantation discussed the pressing issues of diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiencies, sharing both success stories and failures.

A round table on the organization of bone marrow transplantation for patients with primary immunodeficiency in Ukraine attracted immunologists and transplantologists as well as representatives of public organizations. The participants adopted a resolution to petition the MoH to implement allogeneic stem cell transplantation, and to strengthen collaboration between children’s immunologists, specialists of the Okhmatdyt Center for Children’s Onco-Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation, and Ukrainian Registry of Bone Marrow Donors.

Associate professor Liubov Volianska, prof. Oksana Boyarchuk, Dr. Anastasia Bondarenko (Kyiv), assistant professor Tetiana Harian and prof. Liudmyla Chernyshova (Head of the National Association of Pediatric Immunology, Kyiv).


Prof. Larysa Kostiuchenko (Lviv), Dr. Alexandra Lewandovich-Ushinska (Wroclaw), prof. Oksana Boyarchuk, assistant professor Tetiana Harian.

Halyna Pavuk (chair of the NGO RIZ), prof. Oksana Boyarchuk, Dr. Vira Symanchuk (Ivano-Frankivsk).

Interdisciplinary interaction and using best practices should become the key for solving complex diagnostic and treatment problems to improve medical support and quality of life of children with primary immunodeficiencies.

Conference participants.

The next 15th symposium within the framework of the Central-Eastern European scientific-educational program J-Project will be held in Ternopil.

V International Scientific and Practical Conference Current Problems of Primary Immunodeficiencies was held in Minsk on April 19-21 2018. Dedicated to fundamental and clinical research in the field of primary immunodeficiencies (PID) and related infectious, oncological and autoimmune complications, the forum attracted experts from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Hungary, Poland, and Italy. Assistant professor of the Department of Children’s Diseases and Pediatric Surgery Tetiana Harian represented TSMU at this conference.

Tetiana Harian and Mikhail Believtsev (Deputy Director for Science of the Belarusian Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, Minsk).

Conference program included plenary lectures by leading Belarusian and foreign experts, interactive sectional meetings, round tables, two satellite symposiums Flow Cytometry in the Diagnosis of Immunopathological Conditions and Gaucher Disease: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Informal communication and knowledge exchange with Belarusian colleagues allowed to develop links for research and clinical cooperation with Belarus Republican Center for Children’s Oncology, Hematology and Immunology.

V Conference of the Polish Working Group on Primary Immunodeficiencies took place in Warsaw, Poland on May 10-11. The forum marked the 40th anniversary of the Child Health Center. Professor  Oksana Boyarchuk and associate professor Maria Kinash were among conference participants from Poland, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Associate professor Maria Kinash, prof. Oksana Boyarchuk, Dr. Alexandra Lewandovich-Ushinska (Wroclaw).

Reports presented at the conference addressed vaccination of children with PID, substitution therapy in children with PID and the use of bone marrow transplantation in primary immunodeficiencies. Today there are more than a million bone marrow donors registered in Poland. Bone marrow transplantations have been carried out since 1989, and today there are six bone marrow transplantation centers in the country. In the past 20 years, 238 BM transplantations have been performed in patients with PID. Participants of the conference also learned about main directions of work and achievements of the Child Health Center clinic of immunology, headed by prof. Ewa Bernatowska.