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Results of competition among TSMU students to study at Wroclaw Medical University

On May 21, 2018,  TSMU department of international relations finalized results of a competition for 3rd and 4th year medical students to study at Wroclaw Medical University for one semester during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Competition committee included professors A.H.Shulhai and I.R.Selskyi, assoc. profoessors H.A.Krytska, N.E.Lisnychuk, T. A. Kovalchuk and A.I.Mastalir, and assistant professor M.Y. Kychula.

Committee members carefully studied applications and documents submitted by the students. Selection criteria included academic achievements of the applicants. In addition, the applicants were interviewed to assess their professional goals and motivation for training abroad.

The following students placed in top eight:

1st place – Yana Bondarchuk;

2nd place – Vadym Buratinskyi;

3rd place – Grynyk Ruslan;

4th place – Khrystyna Khoryniak;

5th place – Zuzanna Betkowiak;

6th place – Sandhu Arshbeer Singh;

7th place – Solyts Uliana;

8th place – Hassan Ramat Wuraola

We sincerely congratulate the winners of the competition and wish them success during their studies at Wroclaw University of Medicine in 2018-2019.