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TSMU matriculated a new cohort of students

On August 31, 2018 Academic Council of the Ternopil State Medical University held matriculation of a new cohort of medical students. The event took place in the administrative building courtyard.

The 1050 freshmen took a solemn oath to dedicate their lives to a noble cause: the fight for human health. The also promised to uphold and grow the best traditions of TSMU, to become hardworking medical students and a part of the large student family. From this day on, each of them steps on a path to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, paramedic, and physical therapist, to succeed in the professional field and become a mature person.

The ceremony started with a joint prayer. The Archbishop of Ternopil and Kremenets Nestor blessed the freshmen for successful study and professional development.

“I want to emphasize that being a doctor is a calling. Every day, performing your professional duties, you will sacrifice your time, effort, work, to save the health and life of others. Doctors encounter life and death every day, however even they are not all-powerful. In this instance, the Lord comes to the aid of the doctor, strengthening healer’s hands, directing their thoughts and efforts to help the patients. May the Lord bless all of you throughout your studies at this university. May you become good students and later excellent doctors. May the Lord guide you throughout your life and fill it with help and care of other people”, said Bishop Nestor.

TSMU Rector professor Mykhaylo Korda congratulated the young people on one of the most important days in their lives.

“You have successfully passed entrance exams and tests. Today you join the student body of Ternopil State Medical University, you become members of a large family of over 6,000 students. This year 1,050 new students enter the university. This is one of the largest numbers among medical universities of Ukraine. You came to study to achieve your dream becoming a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, paramedic, or physical therapist. I want to let you know straight away that it will not be easy, because you will study the art of Medicine, and any gaps in your knowledge, any mistakes can be very costly. Their price is human life.

There are 320 future physicians standing here, those who will graduate after 6 years of study. During this time you have to learn a lot of information, gain a huge amount of knowledge. Modern medical science is constantly evolving. It is based on such fundamental subjects as biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and many others. You will have to perfect all of them in 6 years. That is why medical students in all countries study much harder than students of other specialties and are said to be the smartest and most dedicated ones.

This year, we accepted 230 future pharmacists. You have chosen a very interesting and necessary profession. Pharmacy is one of the most ancient and most fundamental branches of medicine. Today, the pharmaceutical market is constantly awash with new drugs. You should know all of them and many details and nuances associated with their use.

Also today there are almost 100 future dentists. Your profession is in demand in the Ukrainian market. After all, there is not person who would never go to the dentist. Modern dentistry makes it possible to promote oral health, or even restore teeth using the latest dental technology. You will be giving people happiness and bringing up their beautiful smiles.

Today, 220 future nurses become students. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you have chosen the most humane profession in the world. Sociological surveys from all over the world are unanimous: the profession of nurse is in top three most essential and most prestigious professions. The occupation and status of a nurse has undergone changes. Now it is a distinct branch of medicine. Nurses not only cares for the sick, they work on prevention of the disease, help to rehabilitate the patients and provide psychosocial assistance. After completing you Bachelor’s Degree training, you will be able to continue towards earning a Master’s Degree and even Ph.D. in Nursing.

Congratulations to the 50 future physical therapists. It is also one of the most sought after professions in the world today. The efforts of physicians can be fruitless if the patient does not receive suitable physical therapy.

There are 30 future paramedics here. This year we are the first in Ukraine and for the first time in the history of Ukraine we start training such upstarting this program. Paramedics provision emergency medical care at the pre-hospital stage. You will save lives each day, you will act in emergencies to stabilize the vital functions of the patient and immediately deliver them to the hospital.

Dear first-year students, to be able to help people suffering from various diseases you will need deep knowledge. You will receive it here at our university. We have a strong faculty and teaching staff, including more than 100 doctors of sciences, professors, and more than 400 PhDs. They possess enormous clinical and practical experience. Every day they will share their knowledge and skills with you. In a few days, you will start learning in classrooms and laboratories. The library, which holds almost half a million books, awaits you. You will also learn in computer classes and the simulation training center. We use teaching methods adapted to the world standards and based on modern technologies. With the help of mobile devices, you can easily access University’s electronic resources, essentially everything you need to learn: from class schedules to supplemental materials. The breadth and accessibility of this resource is unprecedented.

Each year, a number of our teachers train at universities in the world, so we evolve our training methods based upon the best examples.

You begin to study at a rather interesting time, when all the doors in the world are open for academic mobility. While studying at TSMU, you will be able to apply for training and study in European universities. Our diplomas can be accredited and verified in any country in the world.

We make every effort to ensure that your time at the university is spent not only studying, but also that you have an interesting and rich student life. You will be able deepen your chosen specialization in research groups. You will have the opportunity to participate in team sports, cultural events, and volunteer activities. Our International Student Summer Schools, which take place at the recreation complex Chervona Kalyna, in addition to athletic and cultural activities, offer workshops and lectures by professors from abroad.

Today, students from 19 countries are becoming TSMU freshmen. In total, we have nearly 2,000 international students from 59 countries around the world. I encourage you to make friends. This will help the students from abroad to better socialize and adapt to our country, and you to learn a foreign language and expand your horizons.

Remember, you have chosen the most humane and most needed profession in the world. There is a saying: “Not everyone can be a doctor.” To be a good doctor, you need to have a clever mind, sensitive heart and skilful hands. I want you to be active, tenacious and persistent. Do not waste your time. We will be happy to see your achievements. I am sure that you will contribute to the renown of our university. May you God bless you”. Said Mykhaylo Korda.

Head of Ternopil Regional State Administration Stepan Barna also greeted the first-year students. He also used this opportunity to present the honorary title Merited Doctor of Ukraine to TSMU professor Ihor Deikal. This State Award is given for a significant personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian health care system.

Ternopil Mayor Serhii Nadal said, “For each of you today is a special day. This day is of course exciting for the students. However, it is also significant for you, dear parents, because now you are proud of your children who have chosen the medical profession and became students of one of the best universities in our country. For you, students, this day is special because you are making an important step towards your adult life. Autumn is significant for our city as it changes its rhythm of life. Thousands of young people fill the streets, and Ternopil becomes a student city. I want to say that you made the right choice, because Ternopil Medical University today is one of the best universities in Ukraine and is a pride of the city. The University takes an active part in the public life of Ternopil. It has an excellent facilities, which are improved every year.

Today, Ukraine needs a new generation of professional doctors. I wish you inspiration and success, and fulfillment of your most ambitious plans. Be active participants in the life of our city. We always look forward to your suggestions”.

Writer and politician Vasyl Shkliar, the author of one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian bestsellers Black Raven and many historical novels was a special guest of the event.

“Student years are not only for studies. This is the time to enjoy life, the time of love, the time of new friends and adventures. I wish you all a bright future and finding success on the path to your goal. Be happy! “- wished Vasyl Shkliar.

TSMU vice-rector on research and academic work, Professor Arkadii Shulhai presented TSMU guests from Medical University of Białystok.

After the Deans of TSMU faculties gave their greeting addresses, the students joined in a solemn oath.

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