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Staff and students of Ternopil State Medical University can become bone marrow donors

Recently, Ternopil residents organized the first non-governmental registry of bone marrow donors. This idea stemmed the dire need for marrow transplants. Currently in Ukraine these surgeries are not performed, while such operations abroad can cost up to 100 thousand dollars. Half of this cost goes for the search and selection of a donor. Those in need of bone marrow transplants have only 25% chance of finding a suitable family donor, requiring the rest to look for non-related donors in the registries of hematopoietic stem cells.

When donating bone marrow, only 1-5% of cells are taken; they will fully recover within two weeks.

The initiator of the registry Yulia Kuts became ill a year ago. The diagnosis shocked her. Yulia was treated in Poland. Her diagnosis, surgery and treatment added up to 50 thousand dollars. Her bother was bone marrow donor. After recovery, Yulia decided to help others creating a unique donor registry.

“The state registry, although in operation since 2009, has a very small number of registered donors. Moreover, since 2014 it stopped receiving new applications”, said Roman Kuts, co-founder of the non- non-governmental bone marrow registry.

The newly created registry already has more than 200 potential donors. People wanting to register get a special envelope with a DNA test set. Samples are then being sent to a German laboratory. The foundation pays for the test.

As this initiative gains public support and understanding, teachers, staff and students of Ternopil State Medical University are invited to join this project.

Any adult between the ages of 18 and 45 can be a potential donor of bone marrow.

Contraindications for donation:

– Body weight of less than 50 kg;

– Grave central nervous system diseases or mental disorders;

– Systemic autoimmune diseases or other chronic diseases (diabetes, rheumatism);

– Chronic cardiovascular, pulmonary or kidney diseases;

– Blood disorders;

– Cancer;

– HIV, hepatitis B, C, syphilis, HTLV (Human T-lymphotropic virus);

– Tropical infectious diseases, including malaria;

– Alcoholism, drug addiction, use of psychotropic drugs.

However, the donation may be possible even if the donor has the following disorders:

– high blood pressure (controlled and stable);

– hay fever, food allergy, mild asthma (no attacks);

– iron deficiency anemia (being treated with iron supplements).

If you decide to become a donor, you can fill out a form here:

After receiving a test kit by mail, read the instructions and informed consent form included in the envelope. Here is a video tutorial about using the test:

Additional information can be requested on the Facebook page ( or by the email:

Since DNA tests are rather expensive (the registry pays EUR 52 for each test), the founders will be grateful for money donations. Fund account: Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian Registry of Bone Marrow Donors”, USREOU 41961160, MFO 338783 PJSC Pryvatbank, acct. 26000055123973.

The money can also be directly deposited to the Pryvatbank card  5169330512576833 (head of the Charitable Foundation Roman Kuts).

Other ways to help are to spread the information, sponsor someone’s test, or donate funds to other Foundation activities.