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Ternopil State Medical University students received their student cards

At the end of August 2018 Ternopil State Medical University ordered redesigned state issued student IDs, and on September 7th the first of the cards had arrived to be distributed. Almost a thousand students enrolled on bachelor and master’s degree programs have already received their cards. The next batch of IDs will be ordered after the end of the admissions campaign for international students.

Since the IDs are issued by the State and offer several layers of protection, the procedure of producing them is rather time consuming. It requires coordinated work of several university units, including admission committee, Academic Department, procurement office, accounting office, planning and finances office, and, finally, appropriate Dean’s offices.

Student ID cards comply with a standard set by the State, and are entered to the Unified State Electronic Educational Database.

At TSMU, relevant Offices of the Dean or administration of the Institute of Nursing issue the IDs. The cards allow the users to get discounts on railway tickets. The ID card allow the students to access TSMU library, gym and other premises. Additionally, through the trade union office students can get a Ternopil resident card for cheaper public transport travel within the city of Ternopil and arrange discounted trips and stay at the Chervona Kalyna recreation complex.