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TSMU hosted the VI scientific symposium on Immunopathology of Diseases of the Respiratory and Digestive Organs

On September 24-27, 2018, Ternopil State Medical University hosted the VI scientific symposium Immunopathology of Diseases of the Respiratory and Digestive Organs. International Pulmonology School was carried out with the framework of the symposium featuring lectures by professors from Poland and Italy.

More than 300 participants took part in the event, including researchers from other universities of Ukraine, as well as Poland and Italy.

Topical issues of immunopathology in internal diseases and in pulmonology were deliberated during three plenary sessions during the Symposium, and six sessions of the International Pulmonology School (with English and Ukrainian as working languages). Particular issues discussed included:

– Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of immunological disorders of internal and respiratory organs.

– Immunopathology in the diseases of the respiratory system.

– Immunopathology in the diseases of the digestive system.

The first two days of symposium were dedicated to the reports aimed to practitioners. Prof. O.E. Fedortsiv presented a study performed together with her Belarusian colleagues, Epidemiology of Obstructive Bronchitis in Children of Ukraine and Belarus. Prof. O.R. Boyarchuk presented her research Recurrent Fever in Children: the Issue of Differential Diagnosis.

Prof. O. R. Boyarchuk.

Professor Y.M. Valetskyi, of Lviv National Medical University, presented a report on Important Issues of Phthisiology in Postgraduate Education of Doctors of Different Specialties.

Professor Y.M. Valetskyi.

Prof. D.O. Butov of Kharkiv National Medical University gave a presentation on Malabsorption Syndrome in Pulmonary Tuberculosis (authors M. M. Kuzhko and D. A. Butov).

Prof. D. A. Butov

Prof. O.E. Samohalska presented her work Advancements in Pancreatology: Rational Use of Spasmolytics.

Prof. O.E. Samohalska

Prof. I. Gospodskyi presented his study Current Approaches to Antifibrotic Therapy.

Prof. I.Gospodskyi

A large delegation from Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Dnipro, Ukraine) presented results of their research.

Professor L.I. Konopkina, Head of DMA Department of Internal Medicine and member of the European Respiratory Society, Ukrainian Society of Phthisiologists and Pulmonologists presented on the features of diagnosis and treatment of patients with different phenotypes of broncho-obstructive diseases.

Professor L.I. Konopkina.

36 posters were submitted to the poster section.

The International Pulmonology School was in session on September 26-27. Opening this year’s school, TSMU vice-rector for research and academic work, prof. A.G. Shulhai, introduced the University, it’s work and achievements, international programs and cooperation. TSMU vice-rector for research, prof. I.M. Klisch welcomed the participants on behalf of the rector.

The lecturers of International Pulmonology School included:

  • Nicolino Ambrosino; Auxilium Vitae, Volterra, Italy
  • Adam Barczyk; Silesian Medical University, Poland
  • Wojciech Barg; Wroclaw Medical University, Poland
  • Juliusz Bokiej; Provincial Hospital Center of Jelenia Góra Valley
  • Aleksander Kania; Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • Elżbieta Puścińska; Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Poland
  • Szymon Skoczyński; Silesian Medical University, Poland
  • Paweł Śliwiński; Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Poland
  • Karolina Nowakowska Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

The first and second sectional sessions of the school were dedicated to the topic of Boncho-obturative diseases. The following talks were presented: Phenotype guided COPD treatment (Paweł Śliwiński); GINA 2018 (Ihor Hospodarskyi); Practical differential diagnosis of COPD vs. heart failure in a patient with chronic dyspnea (Adam Barczyk), Natural history of asthma – to cure or to make an effort to diagnose (Juliusz Bokiej); Is the overdiagnosis of bronchial asthma a problem (Adam Barczyk); and Paradoxes of current management of bronchial asthma (Wojciech Barg).

After the sessions, Professors Nicolino Ambrosino, Wojciech Barg, and Szymon Skoczyński gave a workshop for young scientists on the topic of Opportunities for Young Scientists to Collaborate with the European Respiratory Society.

The third sectional meeting on September 27th was focused on the topic of chronic respiratory failure. The following talks were presented  Indications for long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) at home (Paweł Śliwiński);  LTOT: how we start with it in Ukraine (Volodymyr Horodetskyi); How to diagnose and treat sleep respiratory failure with polysomnography? (Aleksander Kania; Pulmonary rehabilitation – focus on broncho-obturative diseases (Nicolino Ambrosino) and Unusual aspects of dyspnea sensation assessment in the era of medical globalization (Szymon Skoczyński).

During the fourth session, the participants discussed the topic of Non-invasive ventilation. The lecturers presented the following reports: Chronic oxygen therapy or non-invasive mechanical ventilation in kyphoscoliosis? (Aleksander Kania); May noninvasive mechanical ventilation for bronchoscopy in difficult or borderline patients (Szymon Skoczyński); and Ventilator-dependent patients (Nicolino Ambrosino).

The fifth session was dedicated to the topic of Interstitial pulmonary diseases.

School participants listened to the following presentations: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: treatment and management (Elżbieta Puścińska); Lung cancer diagnostics – personal experience (Juliusz Bokiej); Inflammatory diseases (Mykhailo Kuzho, Liliya Todorik); Features of allergic lung diseases diagnosis & treatment (Serhiy Zaykov); Extrapulmonary sarcoidosis (Elżbieta Puścińska); Genes-regulators of immune system polymorphism in patients with tuberculosis (Mykhailo Kuzho, Dmytro Butov); and Improvement of the treatment protocol for newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis, depending on the glutathione-S-transferase gene polymorphism (Liliya Todoriko, Igor Semianiv).