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International students of TNMU have become certified doctors

On June 25, 2019, during the solemn meeting of the Academic Council of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, almost 200 international students have received their diplomas. Celebrations took place in the administrative building of TNMU.

In his felicitation, Rector of TNMU, Professor Mykhaylo Korda, emphasized that this day is a special day in every student’s life, as it opens the way to a wide world. He noted that this day has an ambiguous emotional meaning for them. On the one hand, it is a light of hope and a joy of meeting with the future. On the other hand, it means the farewells and pain of separation. The Rector expressed confidence that soon they would all say that these were the best years in their lives.

Given his experience, Professor M. Korda advised the young people never to betray the values of their profession as it is one of the best and most courageous jobs in the world. He assured that continuous improvement of knowledge and skills would always bring success.

Rector also emphasized to parents that their dreams had become a reality and soon their children would be comforted by their successes. Mykhaylo Korda expressed hope that the graduates of TNMU would be the ambassadors of goodwill of Ukraine in their native countries.

Ternopil Deputy Mayor Leonid Bytsiura drew attention to the fact that it is very important that the administration and university teachers not only teach future doctors, but also act as their mentors, passing the fundamental spiritual values to every young person. Leonid Bytsiura fulfilled the honorary mission by rewarding the two active students of TNMU with the Award of Good. Two years ago, this award was launched in Ternopil to acknowledge those who serve the good of the community, helping others.

During the festivities this prize was awarded to Kamil Marzec and the leader of the Regional Studies and Research Center “Terpoliany”, Zoriana Brydz.

Diplomas were awarded to graduates by the Dean of the International Students Faculty, Professor Petro Selskyy.

The graduates of International Students Faculty solemnly took the Oath of the Doctor, Pharmacist and Nurse.

The medical oath was pronounced by Dr. Aganren Daniel Omegban.

The Dean of the International Students Faculty, Professor Petro Selskyy, expressed his congratulations. He noted that almost 2000 foreign students from 55 countries study at the university. Professor Selskyy added that according to the results of the “Step 2” examination our university ranks the first. He also emphasized that international students became an integral part of the history of TNMU and university community, as they always take active in sports, academic pursuits and volunteer work.

Christina Husak-Sira gave the valedictory speech on behalf of all the graduates of the university.

On behalf of the parents, the words of gratitude to teachers and motivational guidelines to all graduates were expressed by Aganren Agatabor Ezekiel.

Congratulations to our graduates on their successful graduation and good wishes for the future!!!

Video broadcast of the celebrations can be accessed here: