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TNMU student participated in international internship program

In 2018-2019 academic year, Ternopil National Medical University sixth year student Stanislav Komarnytskyi was a participant of the international student program “Students Academic Exchange with the Wroclaw Medical University”.

Stanislav Komarnytskyi says that everything started in 2017, when the boy saw the announcement about training in Wroclaw. “For quite a long time I was hesitating whether to apply for the program or not. My inner voice suggested that my attempt would be successful. After the submission of documents I went through an interview and much anxiety. After I was informed about the results I did not believe that I had been selected. But in a while I realized that I would spend 5 months studying in Wroclaw.

At Wroclaw University, we were given student cards. Knowing that you are a student of two leading medical universities in different countries was an exceptionally pleasant feeling. We were studying with students who were also involved in this program. There were representatives of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal. I was fortunate enough to study in an English group with students from the US, Canada, Sweden, Australia and Poland. Now I have many acquaintances from all over the world” Stanislav says.

The University Hospital, equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, operates on the basis of the Wroclaw Medical University. This medical facility gives students an excellent opportunity to practice. There one can master almost every clinical skill, ranging from collecting case history to effective assistance in operations (accompanied by an instructor).

“I really liked that the groups were rather small, from 5 to 6 students. This is good for both students and teachers. Each student has an opportunity to meet a patient without tiring them. Moreover, two trips (in autumn and spring semesters) to Krakow and Gdansk were organized by the University, giving us an opportunity to learn more about the cultures, cities and the country in general.

My second trip to study in Wroclaw was unexpected and it surprised me again. In 2019, I was mostly surprised by the simulation center that opened on October 1, 2018. Thanks to the latest technology in this center you can master practical skills in various situations that experienced by a doctor. You can listen to different types of breathing, heart malfunctioning, etc by using manikins. Any manipulation can be performed several times for better understanding”.

Another pleasant surprise for our student was the victory in the competition from Polska Travel. This competition was organized for students who study in exchange programs in Poland. Students had to take pictures of Poland and post them in Instagram under the following categories: “Cities of Poland”, “The Nature of Poland”, “The activities of Poland”, “Food of Poland”. Stanislav Komarnytskyi won in the category “Cities of Poland”.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the administration of Ternopil National Medical University, International Relations Department for providing students with opportunities to learn something new, get acquainted with new professionals”, Stanislav says. “I wish our students always to believe in themselves, to try themselves in different international internship programs and not to be afraid of something new and challenging. Student years are the best time in our life! Use all the opportunities that your life presents you with!”.