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TNMU professor took part in the academic internship program “Academic Integrity: Challenges of Modernity” in Warsaw

The problem of academic integrity has been given a specific attention by the world community recently. International conferences, seminars are organized on this topic. Thus, on July 3-6, 2019, Associate Professor of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department of Ternopil National Medical University Liliia Lohoida participated in the academic internship program “Academic Integrity: Challenges of the Modernity” organized by the Polish-Ukrainian Foundation the Institute for International Academic and Scientific Cooperation together with the Theological Academy of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and the Polish Foundation ADD.

The main goal was to familiarize with European approaches to the problem of scientific plagiarism and to promote academic integrity, as well as to improve the qualifications of educators and to deepen cooperation in academic and scientific fields between Ukraine and Poland.

The internship program included many events, such as: a round table discussion under the title “Preventing plagiarism in the educational and scientific environment. Software for detecting possible plagiarism in scientific and academic work” with the participation of Polish experts from Plagiat.Pl; a briefing on legalization of stay in Poland and an overview of the main legal and organizational aspects of study – legalization of documents, apostille, nostrification, translations, admission campaign (ADD Foundation); presentation of scholarship and grant programs, as well as the procedure for submitting applications for studies and research funding in the Polish universities (SEW at Warsaw University); integration activities and excursions to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The participants discussed the following issues: the problems of implementing the principles of academic integrity in the educational and scientific environment, the problem of preventing plagiarism; – history, tasks, information products and services for scientists and institutions; cooperation with Ukraine: Memorandum between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and on February 23, 2018 (–zacikavleno–shob–bilshe–kompanij–na–kshtalt–plagiatpl–spivpracyuvalo–z–ministerstvom–dlya–vdoskonalennya–antiplagiatnih–perevirok–liliya–grinevich); practical experience of company cooperation with the universities of Europe and the world in organizational and legal aspects; plagiarism detection system general characteristics of the system, interpretation of the system reports, solving controversial issues (practical experience); plagiarism verification and evaluation procedures; the use of the system to improve the quality of scientific publications: preventing plagiarism in publishing activities; prospects for software development to detect possible plagiarism; opportunities for cooperation with for academic institutions of Ukraine and academics.

Associate Professor TNMU Liliia Lohoida presented a scientific essay on “Academic Plagiarism: The Impact of Academic Integrity on the Quality of Higher Pharmaceutical Education”.

Participation in the Internship Program is confirmed by the relevant certificate.