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TNMU students did summer internship at Bahçeşehir University in Turkey

An agreement on cooperation has been signed between Ternopil National Medical University and Bahçeşehir University (Turkey). As a part of this cooperation agreement, TNMU students Nataliia Biskupska, Oleksandr Ivanchuk, Tetiana Stakhiv, Iryna Khomiak and Olha Yasnii, having won the competition, got an opportunity to practice at the medical facilities of Istanbul.

BAUTIP Medical Park Göztepe is a hospital complex with nearly 1,000 employees, 306 hospital beds, 11 modern operating rooms, 47 intensive care beds, and highly skilled medical care for both patients from Turkey and foreigners. The doctors have succeeded in various fields of medicine – from hair transplantation to neurosurgery, from plastic surgery to cardiac surgery. Every year there are many doctors and foreign students practicing here.

Our students had a unique opportunity to do summer internship at one of the best universities in Turkey under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Türker Kılıç.

The project participants thank the TNMU administration for the opportunity to refine their practical skills in the advanced clinics in Turkey. During these two weeks, students were able not only to observe but also to assist in the operations of abdominal, plastic, spinal, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and obstetric-gynecological operations. The 11 operating rooms were freely visited by TNMU students and the staff of the hospital treated them as full-fledged members of the Medical Park team.


Thanks to the project coordinator, Lara Meltem Bilikmen, students attended practical gynecology courses where they observed the technique of performing various operations and directly participated in them.