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14th International Student Summer School opens at Ternopil National Medical University

For the fourteenth time, at the end of July, Ternopil National Medical University Recreation Centre “Chervona Kalyna” is filled with a special atmosphere of warmth of human hearts, sincere smiles and hugs. And all this is due to one of the brightest projects of TNMU, summer camp “International Student Summer School”, which brings kindness, positivity, respectful attitude to representatives of different countries and nations in this world.

Representatives of the Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education (Biała Podlaska, Poland), Collegium Masoviense – Wyższa Szkoła Nauk o Zdrowiu w Żyrardowie (Żyrardów, Poland), Tbilisi State Medical University (Tbilisi, Georgia), Samarkand State Medical University (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), Tashkent State Dental Institute (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Lublin Medical University (Lublin, Poland), Charles University in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic), Mansoura University (Mansoura, Egypt), Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Chisinau, Moldova) have visited our university this year.

A special guest of the event has become Professor of Akkon University (Berlin, Germany) Timo Ulrichs, a well-known specialist in the field of microbiology and immunology of infectious diseases and health sciences, who on July, 22 shared his knowledge and valuable experience with the young people.

During the ceremonial opening of the event, which took place on July 21, 2019, the Rector of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, Professor Mykhaylo Korda wished all the participants a meaningful and interesting time during these unforgettable days.

In his welcoming address Rector Mykhaylo Korda emphasized: “We have been organizing this project at Chervona Kalyna for fourteen years. Every year, 30-50 international guests come to us to attend International Summer School. Almost 500 people have visited us. This means that each time they receive positive emotions and warm impressions here. They come back to their countries with pleasant recollections about Chervona Kalyna, Ternopil National Medical University and Ukraine. This is a wonderful way of popularizing our country.

If you are here today, it means that you have been selected and are the best students. I wish you to receive a positive energy charge, wonderful impressions during this summer camp, find new friends, with whom you will maintain friendly relations for a long time!”

Addressing international guests, Professor M. Korda emphasized that during this summer camp young people not only rest, but also constantly work on their personal and professional development. For this purpose, professors from the partner universities of Canada, Poland, Germany give master classes and workshops for the participants. Rector Mykhaylo Korda also noted that communication today is important for maintaining peace in the world, establishing strong business and friendly contacts, seeking mutual understanding between representatives of different countries and cultures.

Traditionally, a romantic song about the chestnut tree blossom, one of the symbols of Ternopil city, accompanied by the waltz dance, opened the ceremony.

One of the traditions of the event was a dance flash mob accompanied by the contemporary Ukrainian songs. This creative gift once again caused a flurry of positive emotions, especially in foreign delegations. Every year, students modify it, pick up new Ukrainian songs and put a new content into a short dance composition.

After that, the guests had the opportunity to perceive the rich heritage of Ukrainian culture during the visit to the ethnographic exhibition of embroidered clothes, antiquities, and household items. A unique exposition was organized by the family of the medical university professor Orysia Smachylo.

The topic of Ukrainian traditions was deeply disclosed during the continuation of the celebrations on the occasion of the opening of the 14th International Student Summer School in the assembly hall of the Congress Centre “Chervona Kalyna”. TNMU guests were able to enjoy artistic shows from the organizers and students of our university. The parade of traditional Ukrainian clothes did not leave anyone indifferent.

Entertaining and touching was the presentation of our country, its history, famous and interesting places, achievements of scientists and inventors of Ukrainian origin by TNMU student team. A lot of love was put into the story of Ternopil and our university.

Congratulations from the former participants of International Student Summer School were exceedingly sincere and heartful. Their video greetings were combined into a theatrical mini-performance based on the movie “Forrest Gump”, in which the organization of the event was presented in a humorous way.

This year, TNMU professor Orysia Smachylo and her daughter, Oriiana, organized a tutorial for making a traditional Ukrainian folk doll “motanka”. Students enjoyed this ancient Ukrainian art with pleasure. Now everyone will bring home a part of our traditions, the beauty of our land.

And all this was made possible thanks to the enthusiasm and selfless work of Nataliia Lisnychuk, Yurii Soroka, Iryna Soroka, Liliia Lohoyda, Ihor Berdei, Mariia Stravska, Lesia Savchenko, who made every effort to ensure that this Summer School was held at a high level, and each participant felt like home.

A day later, on July 23, 2019, all participants of the summer camp had an opportunity to learn more about Ternopil National Medical University and Ternopil. The young people were congratulated by the Vice-Rector for Science and Education, Professor Arkadii Shulhai in the TNMU administrative office. His greetings were joined by Vice-Rector for Science, Education and Clinical Affairs, Professor Stepan Zaporozhan and Vice-Rector for Research, Professor Ivan Klishch.

Fascinating training programs, rafting on the Dnister, presentations, dance classes and many other events are waiting for our guests.

A photo album of the 14th International Student Summer School can be found here:

Press service of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University