TNMU will promote the development of cardiology in the Ternopil region through academic exchange programs

Professor of Wroclaw Medical University, Cardiac Surgery Specialist, Cardiac Surgeon of the MEDINET Center for Cardiac Diseases, Wojciech A. Kustrzycki visited Ternopil National Medical University. The guest from Poland met the Rector of TNMU, Professor Mykhailo Korda. They discussed the directions of cardiac surgery development in the Ternopil region, the possibility of academic exchange programs for the teaching staff.

It should be reminded that the two universities have long-term cooperation. A number of programs are being implemented as part of this cooperation, in particular, some of them are related to the academic mobility of students and teachers.

“I received a lot of information and recommendations from our mutual friend and co-ordinator of cooperation with TNMU Wojciech Barg. Therefore, the visit to Ukraine had two goals – to visit Lviv, where my family came from, and your university. I decided to devote more time to communicating with the Rector and staff of Ternopil Medical University to see the state of medicine in Ternopil, which can be improved, to see how I can be useful for its development”. We discussed the possibilities of the cooperation with the Rector Mykhailo Korda. I also got acquainted with the work of the cardiology department of Ternopil University Hospital. It was agreed upon with the Chief Physician and the Rector to draw up such a program of development that 500 operations would take place annually in the cardiology department. That is, to have 2-3 cardiac surgeries daily. We have considerable experience of our own in Wroclaw, so we are happy to share it. For our part, we are ready to invite your professors and specialists to ourselves,” said Professor.

He also added that all conditions at Ternopil University Hospital are excellent for further development. In his opinion, the key point is to teach teamwork of all employees, to improve the provision of the latest equipment. Wojciech A. Kustrzycki also stressed that alternative sources of funding, including grant projects, should be sought. According to him, for the development of medicine in Poland, universities and hospitals have also been writing grant projects to get funding from the European Union.

He noted that exchanges of doctors and scientists contribute to the development of specialists and medicine in general.

“The work of the cardiology department is like a clear clock mechanism. Everything should work fine and smooth. As soon as one part fails, all work is broken. In cardiac surgery, all stages are important – from diagnosis, anesthesiology, surgery, rehabilitation to postoperative care. All this must be done in turn. There can be no amateurism. There should be an extremely professional approach,” the guest concluded.

Professor of the Department of Surgery № 2 Roman Lekan confirmed that the experience of Polish colleagues will be very important for the development of this specialization in our country.

Press Service of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University