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Students of the “Physical Rehabilitation” program organized classes with the Training and Rehabilitation Center pupils

Children with disabilities need extraordinary attention, love and professional aid from various professionals. Today at Ternopil National Medical University this care is given by the students of the program “Physical Rehabilitation” who will be able to work with handicapped children as rehabilitation physicians.

An important condition for effective education, development and correction of children with psychophysical disorders is the pedagogical competence of the specialists who deal with them. Therefore, summarizing the study of the discipline “Correctional Pedagogy” on the initiative of Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Education Pedagogy and Social Sciences Olha Khrystenko, 4th-year students Ruslana Besaha, Valentyna Vinnikova, Ruslan Vashchenko, Olena Hrubiak, Yuliya Kotyk, Lidiia Leshchuk, Valerii Obriadin, Dmytro Okushko, Victoria Poleichuk and Iryna Skirka held classes with the pupils of Ternopil Regional Training and Rehabilitation Center.

Being surrounded by younger students with disabilities, future rehabilitation doctors were able to put into practice their pedagogical skills and talents. Establishing contact with a child with the special needs, engaging them in feasible educational and play activities, and providing a friendly atmosphere in such diverse children’s group – these were the main tasks of the 4th-year students they had coped with perfectly.

Future rehabilitators have confirmed that the first thing that children feel is the love and kindness of their teachers and doctors. This is the only way to inspire your child’s confidence, find strength and inspiration to work with them.

During the class, the pupils performed exercises of therapeutic gymnastics, sang entertaining songs, solved puzzles, learned how to effectively present themselves. For their efforts children were presented with sweets and candies. The students gained valuable pedagogical practice experience in a specialized educational setting.

The pedagogical skills of working with special children will be useful to future specialists also in view of inclusive education implementation, which is one of the priorities of modern educational policy.

The information was provided by Olha Khrystenko.