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TNMU professor participated in the 6th International Scientific Conference “Teoria i praktyka adaptowanej aktywności fizycznej”

On October 9-10, 2019 in Biała Podlaska, Poland, the 6th International Scientific Conference “Teoria i praktyka adaptowanej aktywności fizycznej” was held. The Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of TNMU, Professor Mysula I. R. represented the University at the Conference. The purpose of the participation was to get acquainted with the main scientific and technological achievements in the field of application of modern methods of physical rehabilitation for patients with diseases of various functional systems of the body.

Conference participants.

The conference discussed the latest approaches to the use of managed physical activity in the healing process and rehabilitation of patients, their combination with physiotherapy procedures and drug treatment. Within the framework of the Conference, there was an exchange of experience on the use of physical activity at different stages of providing rehabilitation. There were also meetings with leading specialists from Europe and the USA, physical therapists, rehabilitologists, physicians.

At the meeting with the Dean of the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education, Prof. Molic Bartosz.

In co-authorship with Ukrainian and Polish scientists, Professor I. R. Mysula presented 2 reports on the use of discriminatory analysis to assess patients’ physical activity and the role of physiotherapy in the rehabilitation process. Professor I. R. Mysula was elected a chairman of the scientific session, at which 7 reports were presented and a discussion was held on the results presented. 3 workshops were held at the Conference, where the participants were familiarized with the advanced technologies of physical rehabilitation.

Prof. I. R. Mysula presiding over the section meeting.

It should be noted that current global trends in the development of physical therapy of patients are characterized by the search for new effective directions. Among the means of physical therapy, managed physical activity of the patient is of particular importance, which is an integral part and basis of medical rehabilitation. In recent years, new effective techniques for developing physical activity of patients have emerged, their indications have been expanded and contraindications to their use have been specified, new methodologies and adaptations have been created. This determines the need to make adjustments to the patient’s treatment tactics and program, as well as student education programs.

Prof. I. R. Mysula reporting at the Conference.

The conference materials will be used in the practical work during the formation of therapeutic tactics and the creation of programs of rehabilitation of patients being treated at the Ternopil municipal clinical hospital № 3, in the educational process of TNMU for improvement of curricula, for exchange of experience by discussion at scientific, practical, clinical conferences in medical and preventive institutions of Ternopil region and Ukraine and in professional journals.

The participant presents sincere gratitude to the administration of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University for their support, assistance and opportunity to participate in the 6th International Scientific Conference.

The information was provided by Professor I. R. Mysula, Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, TNMU