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TNMU scientists participated in the 4th International Conference “Vitamin D – minimum, maximum, optimum”

On October 11-12, 2019 in Warsaw (Poland), the 4th International Conference “Vitamin D – Minimum, Maximum, Optimal” was held under the auspices of the European Association, which is ranked as category D (EVIDAS 2019).

The conference is of a multidisciplinary nature. It gathered the representatives of various fields and a well-known lecturers from different European countries, Canada and the USA, that gave a unique opportunity to communicate with specialists in various fields of science, to share innovative ideas, to find extraordinary solutions to current problems of medicine.

At the invitation of the Conference organizer Rrof. Paweł Płudowski, Ternopil National Medical University was represented by Prof. Halyna Pavlyshyn, Postgraduate Student Anna-Maria Shulhai, Ass. Prof. Victoria Furdela.

Prof. H. Pavlyshyn, Prof. Paweł Płudowski, Postgrad. Student A. Shulhai, Assoc. Prof. V. Furdela

The Conference is an international venue for a meeting of leading experts and young scientists to present, discuss current baseline and clinical research into Vitamin D issues.

Ternopil National Medical University representatives Halyna Pavlyshyn, Anna-Maria Shulhai, Victoria Furdela

At the 4th International Conference “Vitamin D – minimum, maximum, optimum”, the results of the research work of the department concerning the level of vitamin D in children of our region with different pathology were presented.

Presenting the report on «Predictors of developing hypovitaminosis D in high school children» 

Presenting the report on «Could vitamin D deficiency cause Cardiovascular disorders in obese children»

In recent years, scientific global studies have convincingly demonstrated that vitamin D is a unique epiphenomenon that has not yet been well understood, but plays an important role in the development of inflammatory, metabolic, autoimmune and even oncological diseases, and the correction of vitamin D deficiency is of significant clinical importance. Vitamin D deficiency is a global problem in the world, which can have negative effects on the well-being, nature of the development of many diseases, from the moment of birth, during growth and development in childhood, as well as in adulthood and old age, and therefore affect the quality of lives and treatment of patients, as well as the cost of providing healthcare services worldwide.

One of the keynote speakers at the conference was the presentation of Prof. Michael F. Holick, Boston University Medical Center (USA), “The D – lightfully controversial vitamin D”, who is widely regarded as the parent of the role of vitamin D studies.

The world-renowned Prof. Michael F. Holick’s report focused on the results of basic and clinical research over the past 30 years in various fields of medicine, highlighting the role of vitamin D in pathogenetic mechanisms, biological processes in a number of difficult pathologies of both children and adults.

In memory of interesting communication, Prof. Michael F. Holick and our young scholar Anna-Maria Shulhai

The participants would like to express their gratitude to the administration of I. HorbachevskyTernopil National Medical University and the organizer of the conference, Prof. Paweł Płudowski for the opportunity to participate in the international conference and present the results of their research at the international level.