TNMU students from Poland organized a concert for the patients of Mykulyntsi Physical Therapy Hospital

On October 29, 2019, the Association of Polish Students organized a charity concert for patients of Mykulyntsi Regional Physical Therapy Hospital.

The visitors had the opportunity to enjoy popular Polish songs performed by the student ensemble, as well as the world-famous operas from Italy and Spain by the President of the Association of Polish Students Hubert Mikosha. The evening ended with a song “Hei, Sokoly” well known in Ukraine.  The warm atmosphere of the event helped to engage the audience in the action. Ms. Halyna, a patient at the center, recited a poem from the stage, which made everyone in the room feel touched. The energy and charismatic character of the students was manifested in improvised tango and waltz accompanied by an operetta performed by Hubert.

Such volunteer events promote active cultural exchange, understanding of the population with foreign students and finding similarities in the art of the two nations, especially those close to each other, such as Polish and Ukrainian.

They also honored Lemko culture by performing the song “Pod oblachkom”.