TNMU newly elected Student Parliament began its work

On October 22, 2019, TNMU held elections to the Student Parliament. In the academic year 2019-2020, it will include 26 students. However, this is not yet the final composition of the parliament, as on November 8, 2019 there will be additional elections for the representatives of international 2nd and 3rd year medical and 4th year dentistry students.

The head of the self-governing organization has become a fifth-year student of the medical faculty Artem Prysiazhniuk, the first deputy – Nazar Kovbasa, the second deputy – Maksym Kalish. The latter two are the third year students of the faculty of dentistry. Oksana Pobihushka, a fourth-year student of the medical faculty, was elected as the head of the secretariate.

The leisure deprtmanet is headed by Nazarii Savchuk, a fifth-year medical student.

The head of the education and science department is Oleksandr Kukharchuk, a third-year medical student.

The hostel department is headed by Yurii Nikolaichuk.

The information department will be headed by Alina Holenko, a second-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The parliament also included Natalia Petrova, Oleksandr Kosman, Ihor Semchyshyn, Ivanka Regalova, Yurii Shatskyi, Oksana Melnychuk, Andrii Chaika, Mykhailo Yakimchuk, Khrystyna Khodyn, Maksym Voitsekhovskyi, Kyrylo Hramotnyk, Maksym Lysiuk, Oleksandra Bozhuk, Serhii Suprun.

Akinlade. O. Abdulsalam became the head of the international student department. Samuel Eze, Kikelomo Kehinde, Shumayel Zayn will represent interests of international students. 

We wish the newly elected TNMU Student Parliament interesting ideas and success in implementation of the new projects!

TNMU Press Secretary Yanina Chaikivska.

Photographs by Mykola Vasylechko.