TNMU representatives participated in the International Primary Immunodeficiencies Congress

On November 6-8, 2019, Madrid (Spain) hosted the Fourth International Primary Immunodeficiencies Congress “Diagnosis and Clinical Support”. More than 1000 scientists from all over the world participated in the Congress. At this scientific forum, TNMU was represented by the Head of the Department of Children’s Diseases and Pediatric Surgery, Professor Oksana Boiarchuk, Associate Professor Tetiana Hariian, and Assistant Emiliia Burbela.

World-famous experts in the field of primary immunodeficiencies participated in the Congress: Prof. Alain Fischer (France), Prof. Steve Holland (USA), Prof. Bobby Gaspar (UK), Prof. Klaus Warnatz (Germany), Prof. Isabelle Meyts (Belgium), Prof. Troy Torgerson (USA) and many others. The event brought together practitioners, scientists, nurses, patients, representatives of community and patient organizations (IPOPI) from around the world. They shared their invaluable experience and unique perspectives on key clinical developments in the field of primary immunodeficiency (PID).

The rich three-day program included various sessions and poster presentations: “Respiratory problems in PID management tactics”, “New methods of PID diagnosis”, “Managing complex cases of PID”, “Regional clinical priorities”, “Gene therapy development”, “PID management in adulthood and old age”, “Ethical problems of care and diagnosis of PID”, “Prospects for future PID development and diagnosis”.

TNMU scholars presented three poster reports:

– in the poster session “Diagnosis and testing”, Prof. Boiarchuk O. R. presented the results of the grant project “Implementation of the model of combining the education of physicians, informing the population with the infrastructure of PID diagnosis in children”;

– in the poster session “Awareness and education”, Assoc. Prof. Hariian T. V. presented a poster report “Pediatric Immunology: Teamwork”;


– in the poster session “Auto-immunity, auto-inflammation and regulation disturbances”, Assistant Burbela E. I. presented the report “Marshall Syndrome as an Interdisciplinary Problem of Childhood”.

The organization of the international congress, the level of speakers and participants, up-to-date and progressive reports created an unforgettable atmosphere. Open discussions have given the opportunity to deeply understand the views of world experts in the field of immunology and primary immunodeficiencies. Extremely friendly and warm communication with colleagues from Ukraine and specialists from other countries stimulates the work on new directions and opens opportunities for fruitful cooperation.

Ukrainian representatives at the Congress.

The participants are grateful to the administration of TNMU, the International Patient Organization for Primary Immunodeficiency IPOPI, Jeffrey Modell Foundation for the opportunity to participate in the Congress.