TNMU scientist participated at the International Pharmaceutical Conference in Lithuania

On November 15-16, 2019, Associate Professor of TNMU Department of Pharmacognosy and Medical Botany, Maria Shanaida visited Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania), where the 10th International Pharmaceutical Conference “Science and Practice” was held. M. Shanaida made an oral presentation on “Application of HPTLC fingerprints method for evaluation of polyphenols and terpenoids in some Lamiaceae species”.

In the conference hall during the official opening ceremony of the conference.

Associate Professor Maria Shanaida delivering an oral presentation at the section meeting.

More than 120 participants from several European countries participated in the conference; 8 plenary and more than 50 section reports were delivered. Leading scientists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Romania made plenary reports. The plenary sessions discussed current problems of finding new medicines, technologies for the creation of new drugs and their analysis, current problems in the organization and economy of pharmacy, as well as the history of pharmacy in Lithuania and its neighboring countries.

Sectional reports were divided into two categories: research, which presented the results of experimental studies of scientists, and a descriptive, dedicated to the analysis of the history of pharmacy. Each category contained further subcategories: reports by undergraduate students, postgraduate students and and researchers. The conference program was very intense, so the length of oral presentations in the sections was limited to 5 minutes. The section reports covered the results of phytochemical analysis of raw materials of medicinal plants, the creation of new natural and synthetic substances with certain effect, their analysis, development of technology for obtaining new drugs, their pharmacological studies, the relevance of the introduction of electronic prescriptions, history of the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

With colleagues from other medical universities after receiving the certificates of the participation.

The tour to the Museum of the History of Lithuanian Medicine and Pharmacy in an interesting and fascinating form presented the historical milestones of the formation of the pharmaceutical industry of Lithuania in the context of the development of the world pharmaceutical industry. During the excursion to the departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy of this University, the participants of the conference were shown the possibility of using modern instrumental methods of analysis of herbal raw materials and medicines; invitations were also received for subsequent conferences of the medical and pharmaceutical profile based on this university and interesting suggestions for further cooperation were made.

At the tour to the Museum of the History of Lithuanian Medicine and Pharmacy.

The participant is deeply thankful to TNMU administration and the conference organizers for the opportunity to participate in this  international event.

The information was provided by Assoc. Prof. Maria Shanaida