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TNMU specialists carried out medical examination of the children from Nove Selo Boarding School

On January 22, 2020, a team of specialists from I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University visited Nove Selo Boarding School. The purpose of the visit was to carry out medical examination of children living in this facility. The team included Associate Professors of the Department of Children Diseases and Pediatric Surgery T. O. Vorontsova (pediatric gastroenterologist), L. A. Volianska (infectious pediatrician), U. M. Mudryk (pediatric pulmonologist), S. S. Levenets (pediatric allergologist, general practitioner of family medicine), I. O. Krytskyi (pediatric surgeon), medical intern at the ENT department T. S. Statkevych, the psychiatrists M. Ye. Koval. (Associate Professor of Psychiatry Department) and T. V. Kharkovska (intern psychiatrist).


76 children, who had a primary diagnosis of different degrees of mental retardation and psychological disorders, were examined. During examinations, psychiatrists provided advice on psycho-pedagogical correction of children development. ENT doctor examined all children carefully and in 2 cases detected foreign bodies in the nasal passages (these children were immediately referred to the hospital), children with colds were administered proper treatment.


Associate Professor I. O. Krytsky detected surgical pathology in 8 children (cryptorchidism, umbilical hernia), these children were recommended treatment in a surgical hospital. Pediatricians also identified a number of pathologies (VSD, functional systolic murmur, impaired physical development, functional dysfunction of the hepatobiliary system, atopic dermatitis, and others). All children with somatic illnesses were prescribed out-patient treatment.

It must be noted that the doctor of the Boarding School B. D. Kuzyk, who takes care for the health of children, was constantly present during physical examination, told about the anamnesis of children, their features, which greatly helped in the assessment of the health of each child.

We would like to express appreciation to the director of the Boarding School D. Yo. Komedna and her deputy H. Ye. Kryzhovachuk for proper organization of medical examination.