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TNMU holds a leading position in Webometrics rankings

The National Research Council of Spain published the results of international rankings for January 2020  Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics).

The Webometrics Ranking for over 15 years examines functioning of more than 25,000 higher education institutions in the world that have their own web resources. The main idea behind the rating is to evaluate the scientific, educational and social mission of the universities indirectly through the indicators of university representation in the web space.

The results can be viewed here:

Ternopil National Medical University ranked 27th among 318 Ukrainian institutions of higher education (having improved its performance by 6 positions). In addition, our university has risen 444 steps higher in the world rankings of universities.

When determining the position of a university in the ranking, developers consider the following indicators:

Presence – the number of pages in an institution’s domain (including all subdomains and file types) according to Google data (5%);

Visibility – the number of external sources that contain backlinks to the University’s web pages, which is calculated using the external link analysis service and the Majestic Internet search engine optimization and marketing link analysis system (50%);

Transparency (or Openness) – the number of citations of the institution’s top authors by Google Scholar Citations (this time, changes were made, the top 110 authors are excluded, excluding the first top ten) (10%);

Excellence (or Scholar) – the number of articles by University academics at the top 10% of the most cited in 26 disciplines in the Scimago calculations for 2013-2017 (35%).

According to the authors, the Webometrics ranking indirectly evaluates all aspects of the university’s functioning: scientific, educational, cultural, social, sports, etc. through independent web indicators and a scientifically based model. This differentiates this ranking from other internet rankings.