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TNMU students taught children to take care of their teeth

Good deeds make us happier and even healthier. It is believed that good is always repaid many times over and brings spiritual balance.

There are also people who help children with special needs, children who have no parents and live in orphanages. Such children specificaly need human kindness and warmth.

The more good is there in our world, the less evil there will be. It is necessary to teach children from an early childhood to do good deeds selflessly and regardless of circumstances.

That is why, students of Ternopil National Medical University, within the framework of the university volunteer movement “Misericordia” and work of Studio “Terpoliany”, visited Ternopil regional educational and rehabilitation complex (Brativ Boychukiv Street, 6). Volunteer students prepared an entertaining lesson “Prevention of dental caries and oral hygiene” for children of the 1-2 grades. The purpose of the lesson was to explain to children how to clean the teeth properly, care for oral health and prevent caries.

Each student finally received gifts for active participation and good performance at the lesson.