TNMU students launched quarantine art competition “Art Fiesta”

The team of active TNMU students (Shumael Zyan, Anna-Maria Koval, Denis Sunten) launched the quarantine art competition “Art Fiesta”. Until May 16, 2020, they will be accepting art works from anyone willing to participate. Due to the pandemic situation, the contest will be held online.

TNMU students will choose the best pictures by liking the posts and sharing their artwork on the social network Instagram.

This is a unique opportunity to express your inner world on paper and demonstrate it to a wide audience.

In addition, it is a chance to inspire others to be creative, to add confidence and joy, to make them feel, love, enjoy!

Here are some simple steps to participate in the competition:

1.Draw a picture or drawing.
Available formats:

A3 (Landscapes)

A4 (Portraits, Sketches)

2. Fill in the form:
3. Attach the drawing/picture to the google form.
4. Subscribe to @tnmu_art_gallery’s Instagram page
5. Follow the news.
Deadline: May 16, 2020