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Voting for art works within the framework of TNMU project “Art Fiesta”

Recently, a team of Ternopil National Medical University students (Shumael Zyan, Anna-Maria Koval, Denis Sunten) launched the “Art Fiesta” art competition. Till May 16, 2020, they accepted art works from anyone willing to participate. Voting will begin on May 20 to select the best drawings.

In total, the organizers of the competition received 96 works, of which 41 sketches, 14 portraits, 24 landscapes, 17 drawings made in other genres.

Regarding the geography of participants, students from India submitted 48 works, from Ukraine – 34, Pakistan – 5, Nigeria – 3, Ghana – 2, Ecuador – 2, Ireland – 1, Bangladesh – 1.

Publication of art works and voting will take place on the following page:

One can vote or view the works only if they subscribe to this page.

As for the rules for determining the winners, 60% of the art works evaluation will be the results of voting. The organizers will take into account only comments, not likes. The remaining 40% will be evaluated by a professional jury.

As early as May 20, the organizing committee of the competition will start publishing all the received drawings and it will be possible to vote for them. All votes (comments) are accepted until June 7. The results of the competition will be announced on June 9.

TNMU Press Secretary Yanina Chaikivska.