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TNMU hosted an online conference “Pen a pandemic”

Recently, an annual conference was organized by TNMU Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology for students of the Faculty of International Students (with Associate Professor Olena Pokryshko being in charge of the conference). Due to the fact that students are studying remotely this semester due to quarantine measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, this conference was also held online. The topic was chosen in accordance with today’s issues “Pen a pandemic”. Students were suggested to report on infectious diseases that have led to epidemics and pandemics over the past 200 years.


It is nice to admit that the students took an active part in the conference: 19 1st-4th year students presented their work to teachers of the department. Each of the students chose one of the options for participation: it was necessary to make a presentation in ppt format with a voice explanation to the slides or to report on the selected topic during the Zoom conference meeting with teachers of the department. Second year students were the most active. Teachers were presented reports about plague epidemics in India, cholera, Ebola, Spanish flu, COVID and SARS.


Prajval Gangappa Tippannava (242-MI) took responsibility for the organization of the conference. The student coped with the tasks perfectly well.


The teaching staff of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology express their sincere admiration for the students who prepared interesting and informative reports: Shivam Yadav (359-MI), Darshit Nileshbhai Thakar (243-MI), Prajval Gangappa Tippannava (242-MI). (452-MI), Amit Kumar (452-MI), Miraj Jiwakhan (238-MI), Nitin Kumar Katheria (332-MI), Muhammad Talha (130-MI), and presentations: Bhaskar Kiran (265-MI), Rupesh Sharma (276-MI), Aditya Narayan Pandey (261-MI) & Kushal Amrutlal Chudasma (273-MI), Bhavnani Harsh (141-MI), Arjun Agarwal (141-MI), Shahpatel Soham Gaurangkumar (141-MI) , Mahima Zalpure (267-MI), Devanagudi Srinivas Rohan Gowda (265-MI), Asfiya Shakoor (253-MI), Devarajulu Mariyappan (140-MI), Shweta Singh (236-MI).

It was extremely rewarding to feel the desire of our students for deep knowledge, as long as they comprehensively processed the material on the chosen topic and gained experience in public speaking.