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TNMU received certificate of appreciation from the staff of Ternopil Regional Laboratory Centre

On the eve of the Medical Worker Day, the administration and staff of the University received certificate of appreciation from the authorities of Ternopil Regional Laboratory Centre for the help and support in the fight against COVID-19.

The certificate reads: “Your support shows that you are not willing to stay away from the problems of your neighbours. We appreciate your contribution – it can really and significantly support many people. We wish you and your family well-being, good health, professional self-realization, perseverance and inspiration in your important work. May all the good done with soul and inspiration come back to you a hundredfold! ”

It will be recalled that Ternopil National Medical University intensified the work of Ternopil Regional Laboratory Centre in the midst of the fight against coronavirus infection, delegating a university specialist and handing over for temporary use the equipment used in TNMU Polymerase Chain Reaction Laboratory. In particular, the University presented “Rotor Gene 6000”, which operates in Real-time PCR mode, providing a simultaneous process of amplification and real time hybridization-fluorescence detection, and other necessary materials. Thus, each team of virologists working in Ternopil Regional Laboratory Centre performs their work fully autonomously and is independent of each other. This significantly increased the rate and number of PCR studies.

TNMU Press Secretary Yanina Chaikivska.