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TNMU Partner Peter Reger has been Awarded with the Order of St. Panteleimon for a Long-term International Cooperation in Health Care of Ukraine

A prize-giving ceremony “Order of St. Panteleimon” and “Medal of St. Panteleimon” took place on August 9, 2020 at the Kyiv exhibition centre “Parkovyi”. The Honorable Council, involving the representatives of regional councils, selected one winner in the nominations of “Best Doctor”, “Best Medical Worker”, “Health Innovator”, “For Achievements in International Health Cooperation”, “Exemplary Figure of the Society Service”.


This year, I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University congratulates Peter Reger, the Head of the Charity Fund of Bielefeld (Germany), on winning the nomination “For Achievements in International Health Care Cooperation”. The head of the fund is a long-term partner of TNMU in development of medical care of region and improving of medical education.

The charity organization Charity Fund of Bielefeld, headed by Peter Reger, has been helping Ukrainian hospitals and physicians for 25 years. Every year the representatives of the fund together with other patrons deliver some cargoes to Ukraine. This assistance is cleared through customs and distributed to various organizations social protection and low-income people. The customs value of this aid averages almost 240,000 euros per year, and the average weight of humanitarian goods is 170,000 kg.

Over the past few years, Charity Fund of Bielefeld has given fully equipped ambulances to Ternopil health care facilities, i.e. the University Hospital, the Regional Psychoneurological Hospital and the Regional TB Dispensary. In addition, Ternopil Medical University has received a critical care transport, which allowed improving of the training of medical and paramedic students significantly. Also, owing to cooperation between the fund and the university, the Centre for Medical Simulation and the Emergency Care Centre were equipped with expensive equipment. The training of raising physicians takes place here, where they can develop necessary skills and gain the experience in real life setting.

With the assistance of Peter Reger, a hospital has neen established and maintained in the village of Ilavche, Terebovlia district. For 25 years, the hospital has got almost 400,000 euros, which includes salaries and taxes, utilities, transportation, etc.

On October 4, 2019, in the village of Ilavche, Terebovlya district, a centre for medical and social rehabilitation was opened with the assistance and support of a German Charity Fund of Bielefeld, which was provided with special rehabilitation equipment for active and passive rehabilitation, as well as diagnostic equipment. The agreement between the centre and TNMU promotes delivery of professional health care services to the population of the district by teachers and students of the Faculty of Medicine in the specialty “Physical Health”. The students complete internship there.

The medical facilities of Ternopil City Hospital No.2, Ternopil University Hospital, Ternopil City Municipal Ambulance Hospital, and Ternopil Regional Municipal Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital, Ternopil Regional Oncology Centre, Ternopil Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital, Ternopil City Children’s Municipal Hospital, Ternopil Central Regional Hospital, Emergency Medical Centre, Ternopil Regional Laboratory Centre, Terebovlia Central Regional Hospital, Terebovlia Central Primary Care Centre, Skalat Primary Care Centre, Monastyryska Primary Care Centre , Shumsk Primary Care Centre, Kopychynetsi Primary Care Centre, Berezhany Primary Care Centre, Zbarazh Primary Care Centre, Kremenets Primary Care Centre, Buchach Primary Care Centre, Budaniv Psychoneurological Hospital, Bilche-Zolote Physiotherapy Hospital and others are annually reequipped with the support of Peter Reger and the Charity Fund.

In a commentary for the TNMU website, Peter Reger notes that the cooperation with our university has been going on for many years and is constantly expanding. In his opinion, it has very positive outcomes.

“Our cooperating with Ukrainian health care institutions, NGOs, and educational institutions has lasted since 1993. Ukraine has sprouted in my heart. I really love your country. In 1993, we adopted a mother with a child in our home. They came to Germany under the direction of the Red Cross to receive treatment. This Ukrainian family lived with us for 7 months. Unfortunately, two and a half years after returning from Germany, this girl died. They couldn’t save her because she asked for help too late. Then we brought a dialysis machine to Ukraine, as well as a doctor to teach others to work with it. And so our assistance to Ukraine has begun. I respect Ukrainians very much. These are very hospitable and nice people. Thanks to our fund, we were able to donate 55 ambulances to Ukraine, which today serve people. And we are happy that they help save lives,” Peter Reger said.

He added that 7 people are volunteers at the Charity Fund of Bielefeld, but many others help and respond.

“It’s a charitable mission of people who come together to help others. Now I am retired and have more time for such activities. I used to do everything after work or during work. I was looking for an opportunity to come to Ukraine, took a vacation at my own expense (by law in Germany a vacation at own expense is provided only for charitable activities). All members of the found have one goal – to serve people, God has given us a lot, so we can help others. And our motto on the letterhead is the words from the Bible: “He who helps people honors God,” Peter Reger emphasised.

TNMU spokeswoman Yanina Chaikovska

Photos by Mykola Vasylechko