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Day of Ukrainian Language and Literacy in TNMU

On November 9, the Day of Ukrainian Language and Literacy was celebrated in Ukraine. On this day, the memory of the Reverend Nestor the Chronicler is honored, and the Petro Yatsyk International Ukrainian Language Contest starts.

On November 2-9, 2020 the teachers of the Department of Ukrainian Language held events regarding this important date. The students of the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, as well as of the Academic and Research Institute of Nursing and the International Students Faculty  took part in the celebration.

On November 9, Associate Professor Volodymyr Yukalo and the students of the group PBv-132 began writing the twentieth radio dictation of national unity.

Yulia Boiko (group PBv-132)

The students of group MM-121 and the Associate Professor Maria Tyshkovets analyzed the documentary film “Nightingale Sings till it Has a Voice”, which is an innovative study of the language issue in Ukraine. The students of group MM-106 watched the video “Top 5 bans on the Ukrainian Language” of the column of “Historical Truth with Vakhtanh Kipiani”.

Associate Professor Tyshkovets M.P. and students

Associate Professor Valentyna Zevako and the students of group Fz-102 discussed the Day of Ukrainian Literacy and Language and analyzed the video about introduction of this holiday in Ukraine.

Associate Professor Zevako V.I. and students of group Fz-102

On November 9, 2020, Associate Professor Ihor Havryshchak presented a lecture on “November 9 – the Day of Ukrainian Literacy and Language” online to the students of groups IM-245 and IM-229 using multimedia technologies.

Associate Professor Havryshchak I.I.

Associate Professor Iryna Zalipska organized a number of events on this significant day. On November 3, the students of group VIM-370 watched a video about interesting facts on the history of the Ukrainian language. The students of group MM-116 wore embroidered shirts for the classes and took part in a discussion about the differential features of the Ukrainian language among the Slavic languages.

Associate Professor Zalipska I.Ya.

Ukrainian poetry by international students sounded great. On November 4, the students of group IM-249 recited poems about the language, presented their mastery of the Ukrainian poetic word.

Students of group IM-249

The students of group IM-244 took part in the quiz “Ukrainian language for every day use”.

Associate Professor Zalipska I.Ya. and the students of group IM-244

Iryna Zalipska and the students of group MM-209 prepared an educational event “Let’s cherish the nightingale language”. The students of other groups joined it. Victoria Lehka (MM-209) and Ihor Maikhruk (MM-207) were the presenters of the event. Students Viktoria Kaminska (MM-209), Yurii Soleiko (MM-209), Diana Pendak (MM-209), Olena Bezkorovaina (MM-209), Nadiia Ushakova (MM-115), Maria Kravets (MM-113), Kateryna Nechystenko (MM-209), Yulia Yurchuk (MM-209), Diana Savina (MM-209), Viktoria Pihut (MM-209) fascinated everyone with their poetry about the Ukrainian language.

Associate Professor Zalipska I.Ya. and the students of groups MM-209, MM-207, MM-113, MM-115

On November 9, I. Zalipska held a contest for the best connoisseur of the Ukrainian language. The students of group IM-242 took part in this event. Ghori Dhruvi and Jarivala Vaibhavai won the contest.

Associate Professor Zalipska I.Ya. and the students of group MM-242

At the end of the celebration the first poetry contest “Native Language, Native Word” was initiated on the Day of Ukrainian Literacy and Language by Professor Anatolii Vykhrushch. Natalia Volotovska won among teachers. First-year students also took part in the contest, in which Diana Dashko (PBv-132) and Yelyzaveta Pereima (PBv-132) won. The authors of the best works were awarded as well. The Department of Ukrainian Language appreciates performance of all the participants and is looking to cooperate with them.