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Teachers and Graduate Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of TNMU Participated in the Training in NMR Spectroscopy

Teachers and PhD students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of TNMU on November 7-9, 2020 took part in the training in NMR spectroscopy, which was organized by specialists of the laboratory of NMR spectroscopy of the University of Mansoura (Egypt). Practice-oriented occupational training was held online. The main lecturer of the training was Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Head of the NMR Spectroscopy Laboratory, Coordinator of Cooperation between TNMU and the University of Mansoura Hussein I. El-Subbagh (Prof. Dr. Hussein I. El-Subbagh, PhD, DSc). Ternopil Medical University and Mansoura University has been cooperating since 2016. Within this cooperation, academic mobility of teachers of both institutions of higher education is implemented, joint seminars and workshops are held, students of Mansoura University participate in International Student Summer School, which took place in the Chervona Kalyna RC  before the COVID-19 pandemic. The cooperation coordinator in TNMU is Lilia Lohoida, the Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Professor Hussein I. El-Sabbah is a famous scholar of a top Egyptian university. Currently, its Hirsch index is 29. Professor Hussein I. El-Sabbah has taught courses for TNMU teachers and students many times.



Researchers and academics from Egypt, Iraq and Ukraine took part in the training. Ukraine was represented by experts of TNMU, LNMU, ZSMU, NUPh and Rivne Medical College. Ternopil Medical University teachers of three departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy: the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Associate Professor Lilia Lohoida, Associate Professor Dmytro Korobko, Assistant Professor Tatiana Kucher, PhD students and young researchers Kateryna Peleshok, Natalia Shuliak, Horyn M.M., Elbehiri Mohammed; Department of General Chemistry – Associate Professor Hryhorii Zahrychuk; Department of Pharmacognosy and Medical Botany – Assistant Aliona Savych, PhD students Skrynchuk O.Ya., Kostyshyn L.V..

The participants developed their theoretical and practical skills for three days. This event consisted of the following parts:

  • Part 1. From Scratch…
  • Part 2. NMR Problem Set -1
  • Part 3. Modern Concepts
  • Part 4. NMR Problem Set -2
  • Part 5. 1D of 2D Experiments & Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (QNMR)
  • Part 6. Virtual On site NMR Training

The teachers and PhD students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of TNMU appreciate the support of the Rector Professor Korda M.M. in the cooperation between TNMU and the University of Mansoura, as well as Professor Hussein I. El-Sabbah for many years of cooperation and the opportunity to improve knowledge of how to confirm the structure of substances using NMR spectra as well as practical skills on their interpretation.