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Dear TNMU Students!

On November 17 students around the world celebrate International Students Day. This holiday brings young people together and unites them, because it is a day of student solidarity without borders. Students have always been the most freedom-loving, independent and free-thinking part of society, their enthusiasm and youth inspire them and are generators of positive changes.

I believe that the wonderful years of student life at TNMU give the students a plenty of positive energy, teach to be strong in solving problems and give faithful friends to enter an independent life.

I am sure you will be able to achieve your goals, and the knowledge gained at our university gives you the opportunity to implement the boldest ideas.

The future belongs to young people full of vital energy. Creative thinking, striving to know the unknown, achieving ambitious goals – this is the credo of a modern student.

I am convinced that after a short time your experience and professionalism will determine the fate of the whole country.

Be happy and give joy to people around. Share your thirst for knowledge, challenges of your dreams with those who are still in search.

I wish you inspiration, good luck in achieving all the goals and plans you have determined!


Rector of TNMU

Professor Mykhaylo Korda