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TNMU is the Organizer and Record Holder of the Record of Ukraine

On November 15, 2020 in Ternopil a new record in massage was registered at the Book of Records of Ukraine.

I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University was the organizer of the record of Ukraine in the Royal Fire Massage, i.e. the representatives of the Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education: the Head of the Department, Professor Popovych D.V., Associate Professor Davybida N.O., Associate Professor Koval V.B. and Assistant Professor Bondarchuk V.I. The record was set by the students of the Faculty of Medicine majoring in Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy: Chui Anastasia, Yanechko Ksenia, Hrabyk Iryna, Zanik Marta, Ivasiuk Alesia, Kondratiuk Valeria, Cherniakova Oksana, Nishtun Ihor, Muzyka Anastasia, Troshchanskyi Vasyl, Pankratiev Oleh, Matsenko Volodymyr, Biiak Yulia, Tetiana Hanchak, Vitalii Prokopa and Viktoria Pihan.

The partners of this event Sunrise Massage Training and Development Centre, BODY LINE massage salon and KvitoCenter flower market received awards for facilitation in the event arrangement.

It should be noted that countless popular medical practices have their ancient origins. Now some of them seem unusual, mysterious and even mystical, but very effective. The presented method for setting the record was developed by Associate Professor of the  Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education Davybida N.O. and implemented into massage practice.

The event was held for the method of Royal Fire Massage and thus a record was set. The best 50 masseurs of Ternopil took part in it. The record was set in 2 stages: classical massage (25 minutes) and fire massage (5 minutes) among the specialists fluent in the classical massage, as well as non-traditional types of massage.

These types of massage have a positive effect on the general state of the model. People, who decided to try these techniques on their bodies confirmed it; they felt positive impact on health.

We appreciate participating in setting a record for the number of participants in Ukraine to the 3rd-4th year students the Faculty of Medicine, Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy specialty of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University. They proved their professionalism with their good knowledge and high skills in classical and non-traditional massage.

Lana Vietrova, the Head of the National Register of Records of Ukraine, has registered the record for the largest number of masseurs performing Royal Fire Massage at the same time. She also presented an official Record Certificate to Professor Petro Hryhorovych Lykhatskyi, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of TNMU.

Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education Davybida N.O., co-organizer, founder of the Body Line massage school Oksana Petryshyn and co-organizer Ivanna Boyko, director of the KvitoCenter received the Record Certificate for introduction of a new technique and its implementation.

All 50 participants received Certifacates of participating in the record of Ukraine of Royal Fire Massage.

We are truly grateful to the organizers of the record of Ukraine in Royal Fire Massage in Ternopil and invitation for the students of TNMU to take part in this event and present their knowledge and skills in practice. We also appreciate assistance of the TNMU administration and the opportunity to take part in setting the record of Ukraine for raising physical therapists.

The article was prepared by Professor Popovych D.V. and Associate Professor Davybida N.O.