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A New Student Project MedGRADiENT has been Initiated inTNMU

Ternopil National Medical University is not just a higher education institution, but also a place for personal development of each student.  During a study there, students have the opportunity to develop their skills  in science, volunteering, and leadership.  The TNMU administration provides comprehensive support for student initiatives.  Nowadays, a new educational project MedGRADiENT has been initiated by international students in TNMU and acquired university status. It was launched at the beginning of the lockdown in 2020 by the team of enthusiasts who seek to motivate others to study medicine in depth, practice their skills and motivate them to be highly professional doctors.  The project is focused exclusively on TNMU students and its development is very promising.
Its main principle  is “equal to equal”, that is the best representative of the student’s community helping others to improve their knowledge.  According to the principle of “peer-to-peer education” a meaningful information is transmitted through confidential communication on an equal footing with peers.  The format of information transfer can be in the form of classes, seminars, talks, trainings, etc.  This approach is quite effective and popular in the world, as it involves a higher level of trust.  This principle is widely used in all prestigious world universities. It also helps to create a consolidation within the student’s environment that shares common values and guidelines.
Students also plan to involve teachers and practitioners in seminars.  During quarantine, the project is mostly online, and if possible, offline classes are organized.
The project was organized by students Prajwal Gangappa Tippannavar (IM 342) and Khan Mohammad Shumayel Athar (IM 430).
The main goals of MedGRADiENT are to increase the level of knowledge of TNMU students, to master basic clinical skills, to improve communication skills and to overcome fear in communication, facilitate students’ self-realization.  The project is designed for all students seeking to improve and develop, focusing on the 1st-3rd year students.
The main partners are TNMU and the Student Parliament of TNMU.  The organizers also plan to involve associations of international students.
The organizers appreciate support for the student initiativethe by the Rector of Ternopil National Medical University, Professor Mykhailo Korda and look forward to further cooperation.  His golden words of promise and thought will be immortal forever .
They are also grateful for the assistance and understanding of the Dean of the Faculty of International Students, Professor Petro  Selskyi.
Special words of gratitude for curation of the project since its inception and mentoring are to the Deputy Director of the Center for Educational Work and Cultural Development, Associate Professor Olena Pokryshko.
Press Secretary Yanina Chaikivska
Photos by the project organizers