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Kranj Ashvinbhai Gosai says: “Timely support to others is really important!”

A mentor, first of all, is an insider, that is, not just a person who has some theoretical knowledge, but who has passed the same way as his mentee does. The mentor can tell you about possible mistakes or difficulties, and how to avoid them or get ready for it. It helps the beginners develop faster, focus on the main goals, be more successful. In our case, mentors support the first-year students to better adjust to university studies, guide through the universities opportunities opened for them as well as international programs and life in particular. The mentoring project in Ternopil National Medical University has been being implemented for three years is quite successful now.

Today, much attention is paid to mentoring in the world. Mentoring is significant in every area of our life. Statistics confirms its effectiveness. For example, in the United States, 48​​ of 92 Nobel laureates worked with a mentor. Mentoring is one of the key factors that ensures the high quality of education, because it encourages the success of each student and promotes the university rating.

Kranj Ashvinbhai Gosai (group IM 254), a student from India, is one of the most successful mentors of TNMU. Her name means a rare bird in Tibet, which is mentioned in the spiritual books of India. She told us about her mentoring experience.

– Why did you decide to become a mentor?

– I like to be helpful to others. I willingly help people. This year, I support girls from other countries to buy jackets and boots so that they can feel comfortable in winter. I organize local shopping tours so that the students know where they can buy the necessary foods, goods, equipment. I also explain how to book a taxi.

– What have you taught the freshmen?

– I have taught the girls how to organize their lives in Ukraine without their parents’ help, how to treat people, be friendly to their classmates and roommates. I also explain them how to manage their time, because they have classes, prepare food, clean their room or apartment. In the beginning of their new life it is very difficult to organize your own time to manage everything timely.

– What difficulties do the students face with?

– Mostly, the difficulties are regarding studying and exams, but there are also some personal issues. I share all the information about exams and studying. I tell them my experience and my mistakes and ways to solve a situation. To my mind, it is important to share thoughts, experiences and problems with each other. Support really helps. I share only my own experience. I really hope that this is useful to someone and helps them find their own way.

– What were your expectations for this project?

– I thought that a mentor is an official of the university who supports and accompanies freshmen. In my case, it is girls. And it is easier for girls to share their concerns with a girl.

– How do you communicate with the group?

– During my first days as a mentor, I arranged a meeting with the girls. During such meetings I can support and give them feedback, learn more about them. In my opinion, no girl should feel lonely, so I created a group on WhatsApp to communicate. This is the way we stay in touch. Our meetings take place every 10 days. We always find interesting topics to discuss.

– What can you advise other mentors?

– I want to say only one thing: they have to be able to be close with your mentee, so that they have the trust and want to share with you regarding something very important. And you can’t abuse this information, because it is their own world. You treat them with respect.

– What are your main life values?

– In general, life allows us achieving everything we want. It is really valuable, profound and meaningful. That is all its attractiveness. Any experience, good or bad, makes us live a full-on life and develop. Some people are afraid of interaction with the outside world and live in their own little world. Be fearless, be thriving!

– What is the most important for you?

– In my social life, my family is the most important, and in my professional life – my career and my dreams. When I was a freshman, I faced many problems. I solved them successfully. It gave me strength and confidence. So now I help other freshmen. I am a person who will never leave anyone in trouble. Maybe that is why I started working with those who have just started studying at TNMU. I try to help solve their problems and try to give them a right advice for learning and life. Some girls are very nice and kind to me. I treat them like my younger sisters. I help without any expectation of gratitude or profit. Being a mentor was my conscious choice.

Yanina Chaikivska, TNMU Press Secretary

Photos by Kranj Ashvinbhai Gosai