TNMU Scientists Received Acknowledgments from Vasyl Kniazevych

On September 29, 2021, Vasyl Kniazevych, Chairman of the Honorary Council of the Order of St. Panteleimon and the Medal of St. Panteleimon, visited I. horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University to honour TNMU scientists for their significant contribution to the development of the Order of St. Panteleimon and the Medal of St. Panteleimon and an active civil position.

Professor Mykhaylo Korda, the Rector of TNMU, Professor Ihor Dziubanovskyi, the Head of the Department of Surgery of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Professor Lilia Lohoida, the Head of the Department of Pharmachemistry, received the acknowledgements.

Vasyl Kniazevych noted that Ternopil Medical University has always been famous for being a leader in education and civic activity. He expressed gratitude for many years of support in organization and implementation of the competitive territorial selection of the best representatives of the medical industry within the project of awards of Order of St. Panteleimon and Medal of St. Panteleimon.

Yanina Chaikivska, TNMU Press Secretary

Photos by the author