TNMU is the Only Medical University in Ukraine Having the Lowest Risk of Economic Activity

The State Education Quality Service of Ukraine has formed and published this year’s list of institutions of higher education by risk degree. This rating is compiled in accordance with the criteria by which the degree of risk from economic activity in higher education is assessed and the frequency of implementation of planned measures of state control is determined.

This year, the degree of risk from economic activity in higher education was introduced in the Unified State Electronic Database on Education for the first time that allows increasing the objectivity and transparency of assessment.

64 institutions of higher education are in the high-risk degree, and 209 universities have a medium risk degree.

Only 31 institutions of higher education have a low risk degree from economic activity. I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University is the only medical university in Ukraine that has the lowest risk degree.

This indicator is determined by such criteria as the number of applicants for higher education over the past three years; the number of academic and teaching (pedagogical) employees at the main place of work; the state of publication on the official website of the institution of higher education of documents and information specified by the law; the number of violations of the legislation requirements in higher education, revealed as a result of state supervision (control) carried out during the last five years preceding the planning period; the presence of separate structural units; availability of international applicants for higher education; share of non-accredited specialties, educational programs.

Assignment of an economic entity to a high, medium or low risk degree is carried out taking into account the amount of points accrued according to all criteria defined by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 982, dated November 21, 2018 according to the following scale:

from 41 to 100 points – a high risk degree;

from 21 to 40 points – an average risk degree;

from 0 to 20 points – a low risk degree.