Head of the Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education Completed Professional Training in Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy at the General Faculty Hospital in Prague

The MEDEVAC program was organized by the Czech Embassy in Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic. professor Popovych Daria Volodymyrivna, the Head of the Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, from October 2-9, 2021, passed the second stage of professional training in physical rehabilitation and ergotherapy at the General Faculty Hospital (the first educational stage took place on May 5-25, 2019 at the first medical faculty of Charles University in Prague). Professor D.V. Popovych represented I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University among 5 participants invited from 4 universities of Ukraine (Kyiv National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University and I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University). The training was implemented as a project of the MEDEVAC Permanent Medical and Humanitarian Programme intended to deepen relations and cooperation with partner institutions in Ukraine, as well as improve the skills of Ukrainian specialists in order to strengthen long-term education in physiotherapy.

During the visit the delegation from Ukraine met with the chief physician of the general faculty hospital and a team of specialists: physical therapists, occupational therapists; the meeting with representatives of Ukrainian universities was held in Charles University in a friendly atmosphere. Professional training in physical therapy and ergotherapy took place at the first medical faculty of Prague (Charles) University and the general faculty hospital.

During the professional training, Professor Daria Popovych studied the work of the general faculty hospital as well as training of specialists in physical therapy and ergotherapy at the first medical faculty of Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic).

In Prague, Daria Popovych, the Head of the Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education, got acquainted with the work of the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic (Albertov) and the General Faculty Hospital, Faculty Polyclinic and Neurological Hospital, where she was able to stay in departments and offices of the PT specialists during patient consultations.

At the General Faculty Hospital, the specialists delivered master classes on special methods of rehabilitation (according to the method of Voiti, Bobat and Mackenzie) and clinical practices according to the methods of KRL, as well as VFN, PNF. Moreover, other methods of physiotherapy were demonstrated at a neurological hospital.

During the professional training, the specialists presented clinical protocols prepared by rehabilitation doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other specialists.

It was very important to develop practical skills regarding the work of a multidisciplinary team (rehabilitation physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, speech therapist, social worker and other specialists) in the clinics of various profiles and to study rehabilitation programs for patients during and after hospital stay, in the out-patient clinics, rehabilitation centres, sanatoriums and at home.

According to the MEDEVAC professional internship programme, TNMU Professor attended theoretical and practical classes for various rehabilitation methods: (Login methods, Bobat, Mackenzie, muscle stimulation, PNF), physiotherapy procedures by different devices (light therapy, magnetotherapy, thermo hydrotherapy used in the General Faculty Hospital in Prague.

The teachers of Ukrainian universities were interested in insurance medicine, as well as with the responsibilities of specialists involved in the rehabilitation process during treatment, early, long-term and late rehabilitation and introduction of insurance medicine in the treatment process at all stages of rehabilitation and provision of rehabilitation services with a proposal of necessary rehabilitation equipment for a patient at the expense of insurance medicine.

During the professional training in Prague, the representatives of Ukrainian universities also participated in a practical seminar “Application of electro- and ultrasound therapy in various nosologies” and joined a training session on fundamentals of Voit therapy in the modification by Professor Chapova (Czech Republic) and a training session on the concept of the Bobat therapy fundamentals.

Within the professional internship at Charles University, all participants of the MEDEVAC programme listened to a lecture by Israeli Professor Dr Tzvica Greenbaum (Tel Aviv, Israel) on “How to Manage Headache in the Musculoskeletal Practice?”. The use of physical therapy for various types of headaches was considered in the lecture.

After completing the professional training within the MEDEVAC programme, the representatives of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs of the Czech Republic and the team of specialists of the General Faculty Hospital at Charles University majoring in physical therapy and occupational therapy awarded certificates to the programme participants – teachers of Ukrainian universities, Daria Popovych as well.

The experience gained during the professional training by Professor D.V. Popovych regarding the learning process in physical therapy and occupational therapy at Charles University, the work of the General Faculty Hospital in Prague, as well as rehabilitation methods and rehabilitation programs used in treatment of patients will be implemented into practice in training and treatment process at the university.

The results of the internship, the information obtained will be implemented into:

– the learning and treatment processes of the Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education;

– presented on the TNMU WEB portal;

– published in professional publications.