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TNMU Students About Mobbing and Its Impact on Mental Health

On November 8, 2021, in Ivan Franko Ternopil Ukrainian gymnasium, TNMU students Olha Chaush and Bohdan Avdieiev organized an event on the mobbing in Ukraine. Its aim was to inform high school pupils of what it is, what are its threats and how to deal with it. After all, this is what almost every second Ukrainian has experienced, but a few people know how to behave properly and where to ask for help in such cases.

The lesson was divided into 2 parts. First, students learned about how mobbing is manifested, its consequences, such situations in Ukraine and the world, how you can protect your rights, yourself and how to act in controversial situations in the workplace.

For most of the lesson, high school pupils acted out sketches on various manipulation techniques, which, unfortunately, they may face in a toxic work environment.

After each speech, each situation was discussed regarding prevention and solving them. Adolescents were especially interested in how not to be manipulated (gaslighting, devaluation, offensive jokes, sexism, etc.) and, most importantly, what to do in such situations. Also, schoolchildren were very concerned about the lack of any legal regulation of this phenomenon in Ukraine, which, of course, indicates the growth of civic consciousness of the generation of young Ukrainians.