TNMU Students Organized an Event “Infovolunteering”

“Start changing with you. Help protect those who need it!” – it is the words Solomiia Berehuliak and Mariia Solomakhina, the 1st-year students of the Faculty of Medicine, organized an event on December 16, 2021. Nazar Koliasa, Oleksandr Mihenko, Sofiia Kishchuk, Anastasiia Horishna, Yuliia Hotsko also supported it.

The aim of the event was to provide reliable and truthful information about vaccinations for the elderly and young people. This issue is really urgent, as 82% of all deaths from COVID-19 are the retired people.

The students handed out information booklets and leaflets about vaccination, told Ternopil residents the whole truth about the disease and refuted myths in different parts of Ternopil.

Each citizen can also join it by downloading the info at and distribute it among your friends and family.

The elderly people communicated with students, learning many new and useful things about such an important issue as vaccination.