Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology Organized a Holiday of St. Nicholas for Patients of the Children’s Psychiatric Department of Ternopil Regional Municipal Psychoneurological Hospital

St. Nicholas Day is a special holiday. Of course, children are waiting for it the most. They believe in a beautiful fairy tale that one magical night in December, the Holy Miracle Worker descends from heaven to reward them with gifts for good deeds. Therefore, no child should be sad on this day. And how important it is for adults to take care of them and not forget about their needs.

It is a good tradition of the staff of the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology of Ternopil National Medical University to hold St. Nicholas Day for the patients of the Children’s Department of Ternopil Regional Psychoneurological Hospital.

On December 17, the teachers of the department, together with interns and students studying at the department, organized a festive event for the Children’s Department of the hospital. St. Nicholas and his assistants presented a fairy-tale world of wonders. The children also took part in the event, read poems, danced, sang songs, played games, and at the end received gifts from the department employees and students.


All participants of the event enjoyed the holiday and the fabulous atmosphere. But the main gift for everyone was the happy eyes of the children, joy and faith in miracles, because Mykolai remembered them!

They say that good is a milestone that humanity is simply obliged to strive for, it is a morality that helps to live, making our existence on the planet more enjoyable and sublime over all the problems and difficulties we face every day. It is important to hurry to do good deeds, filling your life with a special meaning. After all, good returns a hundredfold, and the fate will reward those who are willing to give the warmth of their hearts to others.

St. Nicholas Day is the best time to bring joy, happiness and goodness to those who need it most.